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Katti Batti Movie Review – Not a regular rom-com

Katti Batti Film Review, Rating, Story

Movie Name : Katti Batti
Star Cast : Imran Khan, Kangana  Ranaut
Release Date : 18 Sepetember 2015
Director : Nikhil Advani
Rating: 2,5 / 5 Stars

Katti Batti Movie Review

It’s is cliched to maintain that good intentions alone don’t make for good movies. But one has to resort to that over employed line especially after watching Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut starrer Katti Batti. The film is not your regular rom-com (just in case you thought so) given the title and what is displayed on those posters.

Katti Batti Story/Plot:
With Katti Batti, we deal with Maddy’s (Imran Khan) breakup. Maddy has been dumped by his longtime sweetheart Payal (Kangana Ranaut) for reasons we are led to believe as to be ego issues. Maddy takes it badly, even attempting suicide by drinking phenyl. When he makes a recovery, everyone around him, including his best friend and his sister, says it is best that she is not in his life. Maddy, however, can’t get over her, especially when he learns that she is set to marry another guy (Viven Bhatena, jumping from one Nikhil Advani set to another). He decides to go to her hometown in Delhi to win her back, before she ties the knot. But is he actually innocent in the entire affair? Why exactly did she dump her? And will he be Batti with her again? The film tries to answer all that…in a really disappointing manner.
What’s hot? Imran sinks into the character of a guy next door with remarkable ease. Kangy unleashes the much needed quirky bit her character Payal demands. The two have delivered sincere performances. In spite of being as different as chalk and cheese, on and off the screen, the duo’ chemistry  is noteworthy. 
The film has it’s moments that keep you entertained and exposes the vulnerabilities of its lead characters. The cinematography and screenplay makes this movie a breezy watch.

What’s not!

After a bearable first half, the film plunges into an abyss in the second half so deep that it didn’t even try to climb up. Not-so-precise direction and the back-and-forth style of narration coupled with strictly average editing mar what could have otherwise been a good film with a solid message.

Final Verdict :

Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti is watch-able in parts thanks to some really good moments it produces. Imran and Kangana’s unusual pairing works well for the hatke story. The film-maker has his heart at the right place, but his choppy direction fails to make the audiences empathise with the lead characters and the trauma they suffer.

Watch this movie only if you are either a Imran Khan or Kangana Ranaut fan.



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