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‘Killa’ Review (Marathi Movie)

Marathi Film “Killa” Review

Cast: Archit Deodhar as Chinmay/ Chinu, Parth Bhalerao as Bandya/ Suhas, Gaurish Gawade as Yuvraj/ Prince and Atharva Upasni as Omkar

Director: Avinash Arun

Release Date: 26 June 2015

Killa Movie Review

Killa is a story of an an 11-year-old Indian boy Chinmay (Archit Deodhar) who has just lost his Dad and has to relocate from Pune to a small Konkan village along with his mother (Marathi Actress Amruta Subash).

Chinu fetches up in a Konkan village, at a time when it seems to be raining non-stop. He is the new boy, and he desperately wants to be accepted by the sharp gang in his class. His mother (Subhash) is also looking to fit into a new ‘sarkari’ office, with all the attendant problems `single’ women have to deal with.

Soon, Chinmay finds his band of boys in Bandya ( Parth Bhalerao), Yuvraj ( Gaurish Gawade), Ondya (Omkar Mali), Umesh, Prashant and others and starts settling down. After a trivial fight with his friends, Chinmay again starts going into a shell. More than anything else, ‘Killa’ is Chinmay’s coming of age story. The people he meets, the situations he encounters and Aruna’s struggle, arm him with a sense of understanding and help in shaping him up as a person.

His mother, meanwhile, has her own adjustments to make with the local corrupt bureaucracy when she’s strong-armed into helping a local building contractor get a project through without bank approval. Far from her family, she has no support while mourning her late husband and worrying about her son. Subhash, an expert stage and film actress, projects strength and fortitude in a performance that is more affecting for being delicately understated.

‘Killa’ is beautifully shot, the blues and greys of the monsoon drenching the screen, the high ocean waves dashing against the walls of the old fort (‘killa’) Chinmay and his friends spend so much time at.

Arun contributes his own atmospheric cinematography and uses it to weave a believable if exotic world around the child and his mother. Naren Chandarvarkar and Benedict Taylor’s score is beautifully listenable.

Killa’s casting is simply perfect. Perfect because Amruta is a great performer which is on display throughout the film and Archit has the talent of playing the emotionally harmed kid which he does here again after Siddhant. The other major characters are Parth’s Bandya and Gaurish’s Yuvraj. Parth is a gem and commands much of the film with his histrionics (which ultimately prevent the film from slipping into monotony). Yuvraj has a small role but does well as the kind-hearted bully from school.

Final Verdict:

‘Killa’ is one of the best films to have hit screens this year.Watch it for its spectacular setting, and for its boy!







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