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Ninnu Kori USA Theater List Online Ticket Booking

Telugu Film Ninu Kori US Schedules, Ninnu Kori in USA

Nani, Nivetha Thomas and Aadhi starrer movie Ninnu Kori has impressed Rana Daggubati, Lakshmi and several other Telugu celebrities, who say it would be another hit in the Eega star’s career.

Ninnu Kori is a romance drama revolving around the story of Pallavi (Nivetha), who is married to Arun (Aadi) and leads a happy life with him in San Francisco. She once meets her ex-boyfriend Uma Maheshwar (Nani), who recollects his love life with her. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Here’s the list of Theaters showcasing Ninnu Kori Movie in USA

StateCityTheater NamePremier Show Times
AKAnchorageCinemark Century 167/6 Thur 9PM
ALBirminghamRegal Trussville Stadium 167/6 Thur 6PM,9:00PM
ALHuntsvilleCinemark Monaco (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
ALMobileRegal Mobile Stadium 187/6 Thurs 6PM, 9PM
ARBella VistaAMC Classic Sugar Creek 107/6 Thur 6PM,9PM
ARLittle Rock/BentonCinemark Tinseltown USA7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
AZGilbertRegal Gilbert Stadium 14(Luxury Recliner)Check Theater
AZMesaCinemark 16 – Mesa(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
CADublinRegal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 207/6 Thur 6PM,9:00PM
CAFolsomFolsom 147/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
CAFremontCentury at Pacific Commons and XD7/6 Thur 6PM,8:30PM,9:30PM
CALos AngelesCinemark 18 and XD7/6 Thur 6PM,8:30PM,9:35PM
CAMilpitasSerra Theatres7/6 Thur 5PM,8PM,11PM
CAMilpitasCentury 20 Great Mall(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6:40PM,8PM,10:40PM
CAOntarioEdwards Ontario Palace Stadium 227/6 Thurs 6PM, 8:45PM
CAOrangeOrange Stadium Promenade 25Check with theater
CASan DiegoEdwards Mira Mesa Stadium 187/6 Thurs 6PM, 9:15PM
CASan JoseTowne 3 Cinemas7/6 Thur 5:30PM,8:15PM,11:00PM
CASimi ValleyRegal Simi Valley Civic Center Stadium 167/6 Thurs 6PM, 9PM
CAUnion CityUnion City 25 + XD7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
COAuroraCentury Aurora + XD7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
COFort CollinsCinemark Fort Collins 167/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
CTManchesterBuckland Hills 18 IMAX7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
CTMilfordConnecticut Post 147/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
DENewarkCinemark Christiana and XD7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
FLBoca RatonCinemark Palace 207/6 Thur 9PM
FLDavieCinemark Paradise 24 & XD(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 9:25PM
FLJacksonvilleRegal Avenues Stadium 20 & RPX7/6 Thurs 9PM
FLJacksonvilleCinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 9PM
FLOrlandoCinemark Artegon Marketplace (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
FLSunrise/MiamiRegal Sawgrass Stadium 237/6 Thur 6PM,9:00PM
FLTallahasseeRegal Governors Square 127/6 Thurs 10:20PM
FLTampaRegal Citrus Park Stadium 207/6 Thur 9PM
GADuluthRegal Medlock Crossing Stadium 18 & RPX (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thurs 6PM,8PM,9PM
GAPooler/SavannahRegal Savannah Stadium 107/6 Thurs 9:50PM
GARosewellDigiMax Theatres7/6 Thur 5PM,7:30PM,10:10PM
GAWoodstockRegal Cherokee 16 Cinemas7/6 Thurs 9PM
IACedar RapidsWehrenberg Galaxy 167/6 Thur 8PM
IAIowa CityMarcus Sycamore Cinema7/6 Thur 6PM,9:00PM
IAWest Des MoinesCentury 20 Jordan Creek and XD(Luxury Recliner7/6 Thur 9PM
IDBoiseEdwards Boise Stadium 217/6 Thur 9PM
ILBloomingdaleCinemark Century Stratford Square7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
ILBloomingtonBloomington Galaxy 14 Cine + IMAX7/6 Thur 6PM,9:10PM
ILChicagoCentury 16 Deer Park Town Center7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
ILNilesMovieMax Cinemas7/6 Thur 5:30PM, 8:15PM, 11:00PM
ILPeoriaAMC Grand Prairie 187/6 Thur 6PM
ILWoodridgeCinemark 16 + IMAX7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:45PM
INFort WayneRegal Coldwater Crossing 147/6 Thur 6PM,9PM
INIndianapolisRegal Village Park Stadium 177/6 Thurs 6PM,9PM
KSMerriamCinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
KSTopekaRegal West Ridge 87/6 Thur 6PM,9PM
KYLexingtonCinemark Fayette Mall7/6 Thur 9PM
KYLouisvilleAMC Stonybrook 207/6 Thur 6PM
KYLouisvilleCinemark Tinseltown USA Louisville7/6 Thur 8PM
LABaton RougeCinemark Perkins Rowe and XD7/6 Thur 9PM
MACambridgeApple Cinemas Cambridge7/6 Thur 9PM
MACambridge/BostonRegal Fenway Stadium 13 & RPX7/6 Thurs 6:50PM, 10:20PM
MAWorcesterShowcase Cinemas Worcester North7/6 Thurs 7PM,10PM
MDGermantownRegal Germantown Stadium 147/6 Thurs 6PM, 9PM
MDHanoverEgyptian 24 + XD7/6 Thur 8PM
MIFlintCinemark Flint West 147/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
MIGrand RapidsCelebration! Cinema at Woodland Mall7/6 Thur 8:45PM
MILansingCelebration – Lansing 20 + IMAX7/6 Thur 9:30PM
MISterling HeightsAMC FORUM 307/6 Thur 6PM, 9:30 PM
MIWalled lakeUA Commerce Township Stadium 147/6 Thur 6PM,7PM,9PM
MIYpsilantiAnn Arbor 20 IMAX7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
MNBrooklyn CenterRegal Brooklyn Center Stadium 207/6 Thurs 6PM, 8PM, 9PM
MNElk RiverMarcus Elk River Cinema7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
MNRochesterWehrenberg Rochester Galaxy 14 Cinema7/6 Thur 9PM
MNShakopeeMarcus Shakopee Cinema7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
MOChesterfieldChesterfield Galaxy 147/6 Thur 6PM,9:10PM
MOSt CharlesST. CHARLES CINE7/6 Thur 6PM,9:10PM
MSPearlTinseltown Pearl and XD7/6 Thurs 9PM
NCCaryRegal Crossroads Stadium 20 & IMAX (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thurs 6PM, 8PM, 9PM
NCCharlotteCinemark Movie Bistro Charlotte (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thurs 8PM
NCDurhamAMC Southpoint 177/6 Thur 6PM
NCGreensbroCinemark Brassfield7/6 Thur 9PM
NCMatthewsMovies 10 Matthews7/6 Thurs 8PM
NDFargoMarcus West Acres Cinema7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
NEOmahaVillage Pointe Cinemas 167/6 Thurs 7:15PM
NHLondonderryAMC Classic Londonderry 107/6 Thur 6PM
NJEdisonBig Cinemas Edison Cinema 87/6 Thur 6PM,7PM,9PM,10PM
NJHamilton TownshipRegal Cinemas Independence Plaza 12 (Luxury Recliner)7/6, Thur 6:15PM,9:15PM
NJHazletRave Cinemas Hazlet 12(Luxury Recliner)Check with theater
NJNorth BergenEmpire Cinemas7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
NJNorth Brunswick TownshipRegal Commerce Center Stadium 18(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
NJSouth PlainfieldRegal Hadley Theatre Stadium 16(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:00PM
NJVoorhees TownshipAMC Voorhees 167/6 Thur 6PM,10PM
NMAlbuquerqueCinemark 14 Downtown7/6 Thur 9PM
NVLas VegasCentury 18 Sam’s Town7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
NYBuffaloRegal Elmwood Center 167/6 Thurs 9PM
NYFarmingdaleUA FARMINGDALE STADIUM 10 (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,7:30PM,9PM
NYSyracuseRegal Destiny USA Stadium 197/6 Thurs 8PM
OHColumbusScreens at the Continent7/6 Thur 7:15PM,9:45PM
OHColumbus/HilliardMovies117/6 Thur 8:00PM
OHMilfordMilford 167/6 Thurs 8PM
OHToledoRave Cinemas Franklin Park 167/6 Thur 8PM
OHValley ViewCinemark at Valley View(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 7PM,8PM,9:30PM
OHWest CarrolltonDayton South 16 + XD7/6 Thur 6PM,9:25PM
OKOklahoma CityCinemark Tinseltown 20 + XD7/6 Thur 8PM
OKTulsaRegal Promenade Palace Stadium 127/6 Thur 6PM,9PM
ORBeavertonCentury 16 Cedar Hills Crossing(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,9:20PM
PAErieTinseltown USA7/6 Thur 9PM
PAHarrisburgRegal Great Escape Harrisburg Mall Stadium 147/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9PM
PAOaksRegal Oaks Stadium 247/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9PM
PAPittsburghAMC south hills Village 107/6 Thur 6PM
PAPittsburghCinemark Robinson Township and XD7/6 Thurs 6PM, 9PM
PAPottstownAMC Pottsgrove 127/6 Thur 6PM,9PM
RIProvidenceProvidence Place 16 with IMAX7/6 Thur 8PM
SCColumbiaRegal Columbiana Grande Stadium 147/6 Thur 9PM
TNMemphisMalco Wolfchase Galleria7/6 Thur 7PM
TNNashvilleHollywood Stadium 27 & RPX – Nashville7/6 Thurs 6PM,8PM,9PM
TXAustinfIlmdesi7/6 Thur 7PM,10PM
TXBeaumontCinemark Tinseltown 15(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 9PM
TXCarrolltonVenetian Cinemas7/6 Thur 5PM,7:45PM,10:30PM
TXCorpus ChristiCinemark Cinema 77/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
TXDallasCinemark 17 & IMAX Theatre7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
TXIrvingRegal Cinemas MacArthur Marketplace 16Check with theater
TXFriscoCinemark Frisco Square and XD7/6 Thur 8PM
TXHoustonEdwards West Oaks Mall Stadium 147/6 Thur 9PM
TXHoustonCinemark Memorial City 16(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
TXHoustonCinemark Tinseltown 290 and XD7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
TXKatyCinemark 19 and XD (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
TXPflugervilleTinseltown 20 + XD(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thurs 8PM, 11:30PM
TXPlanoCinemark Legacy and XD (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6:10PM,8:10PM,9:45PM.10:25PM
TXSan AntonioCinemark Movies 167/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
TXTylerRegal Tyler Rose 147/6 Thur 6:30PM,9:30PM
UTWest JordanCinemark 24 + XD7/6 Thur 8PM
VACentrevilleCentreville 12 (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
VAFalls ChurchDC Cinemas7/6 8:15PM,11:00PM
VAGlen AllenRegal Virginia Center Stadium 207/6 6:30PM,9:30PM
VANorfolkMilitary Circle 187/6 Thur 8PM
VASterlingRegal Countryside Stadium 207/6 Thur 7:30 PM,10:30PM
WABellevueLincoln Square Cinemas (Reserved Seating)7/6 Thur 6PM,8PM,9:30PM
WAOlympiaCentury Olympia(Luxury Recliner)7/06 Thur – 9:00 PM
WIAppletonMarcus Hollywood Cinema7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
WIMadisonMarcus Point Cinema(Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
WINew BerlinMarcus Ridge Cinema (Luxury Recliner)7/6 Thur 6PM,9:30PM
WVCharlestonRegal Nitro Stadium 12Check with theater
WYLaramieRegal Fox Theater 67/6 Thur 6PM,9PM


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