Super Singer 5 Vijay TV Registration & Audition Details #SS5

Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer Senior 5 – #SS5

Vijay TV ( is all set to entertain its valuable audience and fans of Super Singer with another Season 5 after its successful 4 seasons.

The Super Singer Junior 4 grand finale was held on 20th of February and the title was officially given to Spoorthi.

Vijay TV Super Singer 5 auditions and registrations details for Adults

Vijay TV has started the call for promo as the show is looking for another bundle of fresh talent.

The new season SSJ5 auditions and registrations have started  and the details are as below,

How to Apply & Eligibility Criteria for Super Singer 5 (seniors)

  1. To participate in Airtel Super Singer 5, contestants age should be 15 or above.
  2. The interested Super Singer contestant can record their voice in CD to participate in Season 5.
  3. Vijay TV Contestants are required to send a photocopy, phone numbers and bio details.
  4. Following the above details, send in your details to the below Vijay TV Super Singer 4 address

Executive Producer,
Super Singer Season 5, Vijay TV,
P O Box 8484,
Chennai 600034

Super Singer Season 5 website details

Any information related to Super Singer 5 auditions, registrations, entry form, venue and other details can be checked in Vijay TV Official website or

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Super Singer 5 Audition-Audio Screening Last date 30 April 2015

Super Singer 5, Vijay TV Chennai Audition Details


  • <cite class="fn">V.VENKATESH</cite>

    hai sir im venkatesh. i want to become a singer through my intrest for that i wil searching compition auditions rigistration forms but anywhere i can’t find so please could u send rigistration link to email…

  • <cite class="fn">sharmila</cite>

    i am sharmila from vettavalam thiruvannamalai dt studing 9th std. i am singing record voice cd and photo biodate send vijay t v address so please give me chance thank you

  • <cite class="fn">Sumathi sivagnanam</cite>

    Hi i would like to know. We are from malaysia. If we want to join how do we go about it. Tq

  • <cite class="fn">Natraj</cite>

    Hell sir/madam, I’m Natraj F/O Mohana Adith(singer), from chennai,
    Kindly let me know how to contact for Vijay Super SingerJunior new audition round for my son. Pl. I’m waiting eagerly @
    Ph 9444061587 n 9171543546 or

  • <cite class="fn">N.sophiya</cite>

    Madurai audition date yeppo nu sollunga sir/ madam.. pls….

  • <cite class="fn">N. Sophiya</cite>

    Hello sir, I am Sophiya from thanjavur. Four month before voice record CD send pannirunthen reply yethume varala.. please.. reply pannunga sir…

  • <cite class="fn">ranee0089 0089</cite>

    super singer season 5 audition mudinjidicha ila iruka, pls intha information yarukathu therinja atha matumathu solunga dear friendsssss.because we are waiting for madurai audition

  • <cite class="fn">karthikeyan</cite>

    Karthikeyan I missing airtel super singer please keep me????????????????? Please

  • <cite class="fn">karthikeyan</cite>

    My name karthikeyan mystery airtel super singer i love you please one time keep Janssen keep???????????????????? Please very very like so long time like no keep Janssen my family very very low something songs can keep Janssen please??????????????? Visit very hight you keep very lowers no keep I no

  • Please airtel super singer meet to can please tell me

  • <cite class="fn">ajaysundar.s</cite>

    When was the madurai & thirunelveli audition starts. Plss update the details. Or send the details to this no. 7402131254.
    By ajay

  • <cite class="fn">Mathangi</cite>

    Unfortunately , I missed the audition at chennai ,. But I have sent the cd record of my voice … Kindly let know if tat will be considered or let know when and where the next audition would be held .. Thanks

  • <cite class="fn">M.Sai Raghavendhar</cite>

    I missed the auditions which was conducted in Chennai and please may I know the next audition date and time and location please

  • <cite class="fn">kranthi kumar</cite>

    i missed to attend audition in chennai kindly confirm me the next audition location and date.

  • <cite class="fn">Ajith Kumar</cite>

    when is Madurai audition please tell

  • <cite class="fn">ranee0089 0089</cite>

    when was the madurai audition date plsssssssssss

  • <cite class="fn">Chandini Kumari</cite>

    hi.. this is chandini from chennai, today only i came to know that Airtel Super Singer 5 audition was done yesterday, can you please let me know any other date of audition in chennai, please,, waiting for your reply ASAP…


  • <cite class="fn">abz</cite>

    today there was audition at Chennai Nandanam YMCA ground. it is just fooling of people… so many people standing in queue for the contest.. but the judges just hv no time to listen to the song the participant are singing.. athe participant starts to sing.. within 2 words the judge is telling stop and reject.. how come they will select the singers.. all are bongs… all eye wash.. luckily I just went to see how it is being conducted and was not INSULTED .
    thanks Vijay tv . for fooling people.. it makes me think.. if they have already selected and fooling around

  • <cite class="fn">jana</cite>

    Hi sir., I am jana. I am in Salem. When audition comes for Salem? Pls let me know sir.

  • <cite class="fn">ganesh</cite>

    I Don’t send any cd…..yesterday only i know coming 7th audition in Chennai what can i do but i want to participate and get some name in super singer 5 session…………..

  • <cite class="fn">shamini</cite>

    i wants to be sing

  • <cite class="fn">B.Rajesh</cite>

    i want to know the date of auditions for super singer 5 Audition in chennai

  • <cite class="fn">snegajan</cite>

    Is there is audition in madurai??

  • <cite class="fn">ramya</cite>

    i didnt send recorded cd can i participate directely or can i send the cd now

  • <cite class="fn">vignesh</cite>

    Sir please make a audition in

    Salem……here so many young talents are there….i m waiting for your positive reply

  • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

    all of you who have been eagerly waiting for Chennai audition details… we have updated details on the above post.
    All The Best!!

    Team TellyDhamaal

  • <cite class="fn">harish aravindh</cite>

    When is chennai auditions…?!!!!! Plz respond soon…

  • <cite class="fn">Prathap.B</cite>

    Plz send me the audition date and venue in chennai.

  • <cite class="fn">uma</cite>

    when is the audition in chennai???

  • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

    for latest updates on Super Singer 5 please visit Vijya Tv twitter handle @vijaytelevision or facebook handle
    the coimbatore auditions were held on 24 May 2015 wile the Trichy auditions were held on 17 May 2015/

  • <cite class="fn">yatish</cite>

    Audition pathi oru infrmation puraave…anupungappa… ..ayyo …ayyo….

  • <cite class="fn">yatish</cite>

    Why ma no rply fr all the requests .. huh.. ennappa ippadi panringale pa…

  • <cite class="fn">Abinaya</cite>

    Hi this is abinaya my mom have sent the cd for the audition. please let us know the result of it

  • <cite class="fn">priyanka</cite>

    hiii……super singer 4 super….. i want participate in super singer 5 plz say audition date in chennai……

  • <cite class="fn">ranee0089 0089</cite>

    when was the madurai audition date pleaseeee

  • <cite class="fn">Bharathimohan</cite>

    please tell the audition date for chennai soon…i am waiting eagerly….

  • <cite class="fn">sathya</cite>

    can any one tell audition date for salem

  • <cite class="fn">dangamaari</cite>

    phone number please

  • <cite class="fn">durga</cite>

    When the Chennai auditions are going to start please inform to me

  • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>


    Tellydhamaal only provides latest information about Super Singer.However, you can post your query on or it will be worth a try audition in another district. All the best!

  • <cite class="fn">Yuvaraj</cite>

    Hi , am big fan of super singer.. sir, my One humble request am from erode.. but I can’t attend audition at covai.. so shal I participate at another distric audition.. I have telented.. Pl give life for rply

  • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

    the last date for sending CD’s was April 30, 2015. you can check for further updates on Super Singer 5 on the official facebook page

  • <cite class="fn">nandu</cite>

    when is the audition date in chennai please update in your official website

  • <cite class="fn">ranee0089 0089</cite>

    when was the madurai audition date and i would like to say some thing ” EVENING TIME LA JUDGES TIYARD AYIDRANGA so NALLA PADUNA KUDA REJECT PANIDURANGA ” SO PLEASE engalukaka konjam poruthukonga judges talent personku mukiyam kodunga pa pleasee, enakaga matum na itha sollala ena pola 60 per sarpa kekuren

  • <cite class="fn">mruddu</cite>

    did not receive the call back letter from Vijay tv , but the audition is nearing in Coimbatore. will I receive a card?

  • <cite class="fn">Bhavanishri</cite>

    Please say the audition date in madurai ……

  • <cite class="fn">Bhavanishri</cite>

    please update the audition date ………..

  • <cite class="fn">C.ADHIYAMAN</cite>

    i like very much this programe, and i am singing well in my openion,so voice will be send it, u like my voice, give me a one chance, thank you…

  • <cite class="fn">Arivazhagan</cite>

    Pls inform me that when ill start audiation

  • <cite class="fn">p mohana priya</cite>

    below 14 is not eligible to sing in super singer sir

  • <cite class="fn">anusha</cite>

    When is the last date for submitting the cd.

  • <cite class="fn">Hariharasuthan</cite>

    Please give updates as to audition dates of super singer season 5

  • <cite class="fn">M.Geethanjali</cite>

    i love super singer very much. me and my sisters are good in siging , but we have no facilities to send a CD. we are from poor family and please help us to enter audition. this our humble request plz……….

  • <cite class="fn">jayaraman</cite>

    i am in bangalore and have given a lot of life performances. I want to give the audition but am surprized by your registration procedure of asking for CD where there are a lot of ways of sending the recordings by email on line…jayaraman 09740533809

  • <cite class="fn">krishnaswamy manikandan</cite>

    can you please inform the reg dates and venue ..

  • <cite class="fn">Megala</cite>

    Hi am in Tirupur and i want to know about the last date for audio submission and location of audition…..eagerly am waiting because i would like to sing sing sing sing and win

  • <cite class="fn">Dighanth(dimpu)</cite>

    hi i am from bangalore…plz inform the audition date as soon as possible we r egarly waiting for the dates

  • <cite class="fn">sudhanthra</cite>

    Is it mandrotry to send CD or can we come directly to the auditions ..

  • <cite class="fn">sharadha</cite>

    iam 53yrs old iam still good in singing should i have to record my voice with music

  • <cite class="fn">yuvashree</cite>

    I send a audio file. but please this time I wont miss my chance so kindly I request to reveal when is the Chennai audition
    and the last date for audition.

  • <cite class="fn">rushyendh</cite>

    nan kaathu irukiren eppothu enru sollungal

  • <cite class="fn">Maria Deepa</cite>

    Last date to submission of CD.. and i m Married … 22 yr old.. would i be eligible for this ?

  • <cite class="fn">Chatter Box</cite>

    Hi RK – Vijay TV have not released any details for the moment. Keep visiting us to stay updated or you can subscribe to the news letter.

  • <cite class="fn">RK</cite>

    Hi We are in USA. To which email id we need to send the audio file. Do you need only voice (or) voice with karokee music is fine? Please advise.

  • <cite class="fn">kiran</cite>

    Hi D. Priya, Its very simple, all you can do is just find a recording studio in your location and record your voice, they will guide you and will not charge much..

  • <cite class="fn">thirugnanasambantham.r</cite>

    I want to know in cd (with music voice or without music) karaoke music is compulsory.

  • <cite class="fn">senthilvadivu</cite>

    Please mention the date of submission of recorded cd.

  • <cite class="fn">gowtham</cite>

    pls tell me the last date for sending cd

  • <cite class="fn">padma priya</cite>

    i am early send my voice and another detail i don’t know please inform me direct audition details i like super singer so much, please gave a chance for me

  • <cite class="fn">Saranya</cite>

    We are in USA.How to send our voice recordings other than through CD? Any other mode to send?


  • <cite class="fn">S.Dharani</cite>

    please inform the last date for the submission of voice recorded cd ?

  • <cite class="fn">flint s kanit</cite>

    Hi sir I saw airtel super singer past season it was awsome…And I am interested to join in this season so I need a small information .Would I should record my voice with music or with out music? Please me reply

  • <cite class="fn">shankari devi</cite>

    I am singing will .Pls give me a chance

  • <cite class="fn">keerthana mariappan</cite>

    if u like my voice pls…… give ,me a chance

  • <cite class="fn">surendhar kalai</cite>

    I am singing well.. So i am participate in super singer 5 give me a chance

  • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

    Hi, You can try approaching the retailer from whom you bought the computer.

    Customer Care

  • <cite class="fn">D.Priya</cite>

    Vijay TV Reality show on super singer junior4 is very hozem . I am D.Priya from kundrathur I don’t know how to record my voice on CD & My family is very poor please request me solution. Thank you

  • <cite class="fn">G.Prashanth</cite>

    Please give updates as to audition dates of super singer season 5

  • <cite class="fn">anil</cite>

    I dont know how to record my voice on cd. & i dont have
    please give me a solution.

  • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

    We are working on RSS and the newsletters. It will be made available shortly and we will update you once ready. Meanwhile, please keep visiting

  • <cite class="fn">ashokkarthick</cite>

    when was the chennai audition date please say I’m waiting

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