Trisha’s half century with Kamal Haasan’s Cheekati Rajyam

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Occupying the top slot for over a decade is not an easy thing for any actress in the industry. But Trisha has now reached the 50-movies mark with Thoongavanam, which is releasing as Cheekati Rajyam in Telugu.
The actress, who is teaming up with Kamal Haasan for the second time, says that it was a heady experience working with the actor. “It’s an honour firstly to work with Kamal and that too for the second time. God has been very kind. And to know that a person like him has confidence in you is truly a blessing. I would like to have his passion and zest for anything he does and the way he treats every film like it’s his first.”
When asked how significant Cheekati Rajyam is to her, she says, “It is very important, firstly because it’s my 50th flick. Second, it’s a big film with a superstar and third… it’s coming out on Diwali, which is an auspicious day for us Indians.”
About her preparation for the role of a tough cop as well as dubbing her own voice, she says, “All the credit goes to Kamal and Gautami. She took care of my entire hairstyling and make-up. But there’s hardly any make-up used for me. And he was with us throughout — rehearsing, readings and teaching us small things such as hand gestures and body language. And of course, Kamal gave me the guts to dub my own voice. I could pull off my challenging role only with his help.”
It has been a long journey for Trisha who has seen several highs and lows in her career. “My film journey has taught me so many things. It has made me wise and has also taught me to stay grounded as a person, to be patient and that hard work always pays in the end. I also trained myself to not be affected by the world outside and the gossip.”
And with the 50th movie releasing this Diwali, how special are this year’s celebrations?  “Unfortunately, I am back in Chennai just for a day on November 10. So I’m planning to watch the film along with the audience at a city theatre. And probably, spend a quiet dinner with my family and friends because it’s been a mad, hectic week.”

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