Vaalu Movie Review, Film Rating

Tamil Movie “Vaalu” Film Rating

Movie Name : Vaalu
Cast : Hansika, Santhanam, Simbu
Director : Vijay Chandar
Music : S. Thaman
Release Date : 14 August 2015
Rating : 3/5

Vaalu Movie Story/Plot – Review

Vaalu finally has hit the theaters after 3 years of struggle. Its a common movie, which does not have any new story to offer but has few entertaining scenes and comedy sequences which will keep you glued till the end.

It is a quintessential commercial film about the hero, his beautiful girl, his sidekick friends and his loving family.


The lead role played by Simbu is a general guy with no particular aim in life. He is always seen hanging out with his best friend (Santhanam). His parents(Nasser and SriRanjani) try hard to get him on track and do something in life. But he never actually takes them seriously.

He finally falls in love with Hansika and tries to impress her. In spite of trying hard, he fails to win over Hansika’s heart who informs him that she is already engaged to her own relative and that her marriage will take place in a couple of years. While trying his luck with Hansika, in an unexpected turn of events, Simbu gets himself involved in the murky business of a ruffian. How Simbu overcomes the difficulties involved in his personal and love life forms the crux of the story.
Simbu plays the male lead and carries out his role with ease. Santhanam is the saving factor of the movie who delivers an awesome performance as usual and provides a few laughs and gigs.

The presence of VTV Ganesh as Kutti Paiya also brings about a chuckle now and then.

Hansika has a lot of screen space and has come up with a decent performance. Having said that, the actress’ lip-sync needs a major rework. Also the fact that the film was shot 3 years ago has contributed to her bad lip-sync.

Coming to the songs, though their placement is highly unimaginative and predictable, Thaarumaaru, You are my Darling and Love Endravan stand out. The tribute to MGR, Rajini and Ajith in the Thaarumaaru number is a definite highlight, with Simbu looking authentic particularly as ‘Enga Veettu Pillai’ MGR.

Dialogues is something that powers this movie from the very beginning till the very end. Interesting one liners with an ability to evoke laughter acts as a huge plus and keeps you hooked. Watch out for Simbu and Santhanam’s local slang.

While editor TS Suresh could’ve shortened the length which would’ve made Vaalu a lot more lively, Thaman’s background score gets a touch too loud at times.

Final Verdict:

A watchable commercial film driven by the Simbu – Santhanam duo

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