10 Indian Web Series of 2016 that are MUST WATCH

India’s television and film industry has long been criticized for being largely regressive

Even today, a major chunk of the shows (the Saas Bahu saga) and masala Bollywood movies that are available to us are designed to cater to the masses.

Thankfully, talented creators around the country have taken to the internet, and are now telling stories that the younger generation can relate to.

Here’s 10 New Indian Web Series You Should Really Be Binge-Watching By Now

1. Tripling – Three siblings with not much in common embark on a road trip, and find out a lot more about themselves than they expected. See HERE


2. Better Life Foundation – If you’re a fan of The Office, you’ll love this mockumentary series about a bumbling but well-meaning dude trying his best to run an NGO. See HERE


3. Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa – This show involves a dad trying to explain concepts like masturbation to his inquisitive seven-year-old son, and the results are goddamn hilarious. See HERE


4. Official Chukyagiri – Spandan Chukya moves from Meerut to Mumbai to take up an internship, and finds out that things aren’t nearly as easy as he thought they’d be. See HERE


5. Man’s World – This show from YRF’s Y-Films division explores what would happen if women treated men the same way that men treat women. See HERE


6. Life Sahi Hai – Four dudes move to New Delhi to live independently for the first time, but always seem to land themselves in uncomfortable situations like never before. See HERE


7. Little Things – This series follows the lives of a young couple, and how they find love amidst the most mundane and simple parts of their lives. See HERE


8. Ho Ja Re-gender – An adaptation of an Israeli show, this reality series explores what happens when girls dress up and try to live completely as guys, and vice-versa. See HERE


9. Lovebytes – Two individuals from different walks of life begin a live-in relationship together, and it gets a lot more complicated than they imagined. See HERE


10. Alisha – Fashion-addicts will love this one, which tells the story of a fashion student who is forced to move back to India after four years in Los Angeles. See HERE



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