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Aarmabh 24 June 2017 Written Episode Arambh Written Update

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Today’s Aarambh serial 24 June 2017 episode starts with

Voiceover : There was nothing in the beginning except darkness, light struck it, striking was the best reason of things making and destroying, if there was any heaven on earth, it was Dravid Rajya, there was another community of Aryan, they wanted to rule over Dravid Rajya, this was the start of a big change. Five thousand years before, at the Aryan camp. Head purohit chants the mantras and smiles seeing the signs from Indradev. He says we have to leave from here. They all chant Indra’s name. Purohit says Agnidev also succeeded our yagya, its a sign that we will succeed in this task. He says Veer Kayast, you will lead the troupe. Kayast says maybe I m alive to hear your command, this will be good luck for anyone, for me its like my life got fulfilled. Purohit asks him to find the fertile land and come back soon, Aryan will settle down there, Kayast’s warriors, this is the chance to make your father and ancestors proud, go and do your duty.

Varundev says don’t know who will go with Veer Kayast, he will be coming, you will be going for sure, you have great sense of the route. The man says yes, we have to reach that land soon. Varundev says we have to establish Aryan community there. The man says its tough, Dravidians rule there. Varundev says we will accomplish it, I would be lucky if Kayast asks me to join his troupe. Varundev’s dad calls him and gives the silver thread. He says you would be thinking how we got this silver thread, on which chief has rights, you were few months old, when a chief stayed in our house, while leaving he held you in arms. FB shows the chief giving the silver thread to Varundev. He says every Aryan has a right to become chief. FB ends. Varundev’s dad says Devraj Indra will listen to chief’s prayers, trust me, everything will happen good. Varundev smiles.

Kayast comes there and says Indradev has wish that I take some men and go ahead, I want brave men who knows fighting with problems. He asks Sivaan to come ahead and lead the troupe, as he knows routes well. He selects the men. Varundev worries. Kayast selects Varundev as well. He asks them to get ready, they have to leave.

Varundev’s says whatever happens is for good, I m sure you will respect chief’s blessing. A man jokes on Varundev’s dad. His dad asks him to always remember, bravery and self tolerance are two sides of a coin, you have big responsibility, you have to fulfill ancestor’s dreams, you will be playing a big role, Aryavarth is our aim now.

Aryans leave for finding the land. Varundev saves Kayast. Kayast thanks him and says our body is made to burn in fire, but get under this cold ice sheets, we will wait here till storm stops. Its morning, Kayast says storm has stopped, we should leave. Varundev gets tensed and tells about the deadly devil gang Nimcha coming, they eat humans, they are double in number. Kayast says we have to fight with them before sunset, because we Aryans don’t fight after sunset, Aryans fight for life or die, but don’t lose to these animals. Aryans fights with the Nimchas. Kayast, Sivaan and Varundev battle bravely. Kayast gets stabbed by them. Varunde shouts Kayast and throws the sword at the Nimcha. He jumps and holds Kayast by his feet. He saves Kayast from falling down the cliff. Nimcha attacks Varundev. Kayast gets up and stabs the Nimcha. Sivaan says its going to be sunset and plays shank. Nimcha falls down the cliff. Kayast gets shaky. Varundev holds him.

Kayast says if you did not save us, we would have died today, we are close to your dream to find that fruitful land, we want to have pure Sindhu water. Varundev promises to feed the Sindhu water to Kayast. Sivaan tells about the other route, but it will be tough to cross the mountains, as Kayast is hurt. Varundev says I will lift Veer Kayast on my shoulders and cross any mountain, I m not any coward. Kayast recalls his dad and says you made me a coward, my dad lifted me on his back and walked in desert in search of water, we would have died if we did not get water, then we saw water. FB shows little Kayast going to drink water. His dad falls down. Kayast takes water for him. His dad says go far from this desert and dies. FB ends. Kayast says he said there is no one hungry and thirsty near the Sindhu land.

Varundev crosses the mountain, and asks Kayast to see Sindhu area. Kayast gets amazed seeing their dream land. Varundev gets water for him and feeds. Kayast takes a breath and smiles. He says Amrit….. across the Sindhu, Dravidians rule, we have to end their rule and establish Aryavarth. He asks for his sword. Sivaan hands him the sword. Kayast says you will get my sword. Varundev gets stunned and received it from Kayast. Kayast says Sivaan, tell everyone in Aryans that I have right to select my heir, my heir will be one who protects other’s life more than his own life, my heir will be Varundev. Varundev gets tearful eyed. Kayast gets up and shows Aryavarth. He falls dead. Varundev and everyone get shocked. Varundev shouts Dravidians, Aryavarth’s rightful owners are coming.

Dravidians community is shown. They have their huge kingdom. A princess Dayalini walks to the throne and touches the sword. Someone stops her from sitting on the throne. Dayalini says many years passed, but this sound hurts my ears. Scene shifts to 25 years ago time. Dayalini sheds tears and smiles seeing the queen dead. She goes to sit on the throne. Someone stops her and says you can’t sit on the throne, our queen Chamundi is not alive, but her daughter Devsena will sit on the throne, its according to our Dravid rules. Dayalini says yes, but Devsena is my sister’s daughter, she is a little girl, I will not let her childhood get snatched, till Devsena grows up, I will fulfill her responsibility. The lady says Chamundi’s husband Arvamudan will manage the throne, you can just support him, you won’t be called the queen. The lady keeps queen Chamundi’s saree and sword on the throne. FB ends.

Dayalini stares at the throne. Daasi comes and asks what do you think seeing this throne. Dayalini says that who hates whom more, I hate this throne more or this throne hates me more. Daasi says you will become throne, throne can’t hate you, it knows none can love it more. Dayalini says you know what all I did to get this throne, I tried much to kill Devsena, but now she has grown up, she will be made the queen any day. Daasi says there is one try left, Hahumaa will decide. Dayalini says Hahumaa is our Guru maa, she loves Devsena a lot. Daasi Thangam says she just follows Dravid Rajya, last 400 years are witness of this, if we make Hahumaa doubt that Devsena’s becoming a queen is not good for Dravid Rajya, then you will be called queen.

Dayalini says great, I will not find it tough to explain this to Hahumaa. She goes. Daasi jokes. Dayalini travels somewhere and reaches a cave. She meets Hahumaa, who sits with snakes wrapped over her body. They all greet her. Hahumaa asks Dayalini how did she come, Chamundi used to share everything with me, she was a nice queen. Dayalini says I came to you with a question, if Devsena becomes queen, what will happen, I get worried, she has immaturity, how will she mange Praja, she does not know what’s good for her, she likes dangers and finds new problems.

Devsena stands at the end of the cliff. The daasis stop her. Devsena jumps into the river. Daasis shout. Devsena comes out of the water. She sees a crocodile at the shore and throws a stone at it. Crocodile wakes up and enters the water. Devsena smiles and swims away. Ferocious Crocodile follows her. Devsena laughs and reaches the shore. She says just I can make myself lose.

Devsena’s dad says queen should know swimming. Dayalini says Chamundi never played with crocodile. Hahumaa taunts her that land crocodiles are more dangerous. Dayalini says when will she understand that she has to respect her rights, not make fun of it.

Devsena orders the men to throw the weapons at her. She smiles and bravely combats. She says getting afraid is losing to fear. Devsena’s dad says she challenges warriors, she is very fast. Dayalini says one day her speed will sink all of us. Hahumaa asks why are you worried. Dayalini says what about Devsena’s step to break rules. Devsena asks what’s in food. She eats food from the servant’s food. Servant says no, its servant’s food, if anyone sees you dining with us, we will not be alive. She says food does not do partiality and gives strength to everyone equally, how can we be partial towards food. Dayalini asks who will give respect to such a queen, if praja is not scared of her, how will they obey her. Devsena’s dad says Chamundi used to say rule should be with love and respect. Hahumaa says everyone does not understand this, Devsena will become a good queen, she is like a great flowing river, if you stop her, she will take you along, just let her flow anywhere. Dayalini says if she goes out of SaptSindhu then… Hahumaa worries.

Devdena reaches SaptSindhu. Dayalini says she asks about that place. Hahumaa says no, that area is prohibited. Devsena says we have come across Saptsindhu, I want to see why are we not allowed here. Hahumaa says death is destined in Saptsindhu, if she goes there, our destruction door will open, our biggest enemy will come from there. Varundev reaches there and stops his horse. Hahumaa says Dravidians’ end will start from there. Devsena sees Varundev and asks is this area prohibited by his fear, today I will teach him such a lesson that his sight will never fall on our land. Varundev says don’t block an Aryan’s way, else I will forget you are a woman. They both take their weapons in hand and proceed towards each other. Varundev’s horse stops. Varundev jumps and stands on the horse. Devsena stands over the elephant’s head. Aaraambh…….plays….. Varundev and Devsena strike their weapons….

Varundev tells Purohit that Kayast had his last wish that he keeps this sword. Purohit says we will have to respect it. Varundev proves himself. Devsena’s dad welcomes everyone in Dravid utsav. Dravidians celebrate. Devsena’s Rajya abhishek starts. Hahumaa says abshagun….




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