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Amul Masterchef India 4: Ticket To Finale Ayurvedic Food Challenge, 30 March 2015

Amul Masterchef India; Kitchen Ke Superstars, Season 4, Latest News, Gossips, Written Episode (Update) 30 March 2015, Ayurvedic Food Challenge

Today’s (30.03.2015) Masterchef India 4 episode starts with Chef Ranveer Brar and Chef Vikas Khanna informing contestants that today will be Ticket to Finale Challenge where two contestants will directly qualify for the Grand Finale and get Masterchef India Chef coat.

Chefs ask contestants Karishma, Vijay, Nikita, Neha, Bhakti, Ashish, & Pratibha who they think can win the Ticket To Finale.

Vijay is grateful that he has reached this level while Chef Ranveer informs Ashish that though he has cleared so many Aakhri Daav, he still seems to be the weakest of all and should be careful if he wishes to win Ticket To Finale.

Judges introduce the Big Mystery Box behind them as it opens contestants cheer up to find Cheef Sanjeev Kapoor dressed as a Pandit (traditional lungi, kurta).

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who is dressed as Pandit gets some medicines for contestants. Example, Ashish gets medicines for his bald head, Pratibha gets for talking too much.

After good light fun moments, Chef Sanjeev kapoor introduces mystery box ingredients which are all Ayurvedic ingredients including Aamla, Pipali, Kacchi Haldi, Neem, Tulsi, Tirfal, Bel Ka Phal. Shoe flower.

He further adds that contestants have to cook with Bel Ka Phal as the Hero of the dish along with three other ingredients from the mystery box.

They get 60 mins to cook their dish and they could not use the Amul Parlour and had to use limited other food items.

Neha decides to make cake out of made from Bhel ka Phal along with tulsi kheer ice cream

Karishma thinks of making a pudding using Piplai, Tusli, Bhel ka Phal along with rice milk.

Nikita thinks of making Chai Naasta platter which will have Bhel Ka Phal Bhakharwadi., Piplai flavoured Nankatai and tulsi & bhel phool ki chai

Bhakti makes Ladoo from Chawal Ka Atta stuffed with Bhel Ka Phal and Kacchi Haldi & Tulsi jam.

Ashish was still struggling with using ingredients and thinks of making Biryani with Bhel Ka Phal. Judges point out that he missed removing one of the parts of the flower that could ruin the dish.

Tomorrow’s episode will decide which of the two contestants among Bhakti, Neha, Karishma, Pratibha, Ashish, Vijay and Nikita will win Ticket to Finale.

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