Home TV Amul Masterchef India 4: Ticket To Finale Challenge, 01 April 2015

Amul Masterchef India 4: Ticket To Finale Challenge, 01 April 2015

Karishma, Vijay, Ashish, Nikita and Pratibha compete for Ticket To Finale of Masterchef India 4 – Audition Challenge

Amul Masterchef India – Kitchen Ke Superstars, Season 4, Latest News, Gossips, Written Episode (Update)

Today’s (01.04.2015) Star Plus Masterchef India 4 episode starts with Judges showing flashback of contestants Karishma, Vijay, Ashish, Pratiba and Nikita’s journey in this season.

Contestants have hearty laugh over Karishma’s Hindi, Vijay getting emotional and kneeling down very now and then, Ashish’s teary eye over him losing during challenges and using potatoes as his favourite ingredient and Nikita’s turning into a bold and fiery contestant.

Nikita challenges that she can pick up anyone and judges tell her to pick up Neha. Nikita fulfills her challenge.

Judges tell the remaining five contestants Karishma, Vijay, Ashish, Pratiba and Nikita that they will have re-create the dish they had presented at the time of audition using at least one technique they have learned in last 10 weeks.

Two Best Dishes from the contestants will win Ticket to Finale in today’s Challenge.

Judges will also help them in the thinking process of their dish and they will get 90 mins cooking time.

Vijay tells Cefh Sanjeev Kapoor that he will be making Methi Bharva Gatta Tikki. instead of Paratha’s that he had presented during auditions. Chef Sanjeev suggest him to use either Paneer or dahi with the dish as it will be a great combination with methi.

Pratibha had made a Ravioli dish which lacked crunchiness during auditions and she thinks of making it crunchier this time.

Nikita who had made Pesto Paneer Kathi roll takes inspiration for her roll from Chef Manish Mehrorta’s dish and explains it to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who helps her improvise on her idea and likes it too.

Karishma had made deconstructed burger at the time of auditions and decides to hide the tikki inside burger.

Ashish had made Nawabi Kofta with lychee stuffing during auditions and he thinks of re creating it as a  roulade with baingan with Paneer Khoya and cheese filling along with two different gravies and papad like Chef Manish Mehrota style. Chef Vikas Khanna tells him he cannot complete so many elements in dish in 90 mins and should re-think.

After thinking about dishes, contestants start with their cooking. Ashish forgets his main ingredient Brinjals but Chef Ranveer reminds him and runs back to Amul Parlour

Judges like Karishma’s idea of steamed buns with interesting fillings and sides as wells as Pratibha’s soch of making her dish.

Neha and Bhakti point out that Ashish is not focusing on important things that he should get started first.

With one hour of cooking time left, Vijay is making his Gatta Noodles. Chef Sanjeev likes his Methi Tikkis.

Chef Ranveer Brar informs that he likes her idea of making tarts instead of cookies and he should make them little thin. She again remakes her tarts.

Ashish again goofs up with his dish by adding too much water into his gravy dish. Chef Ranveer again loses on Ashish as he has not seasoned his roasted tomatoes with salt & pepper.

Tomorrow’s episode will show which other two contestants win Ticket To Finale along with Neha and Bhakti.

Keep reading this space for latest news from Masterchef India 4.





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