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Anupama 21st October 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa witnesses bitter truth of Vanraj and Kavya’s affair

Anupamaa 21st October 2020 Written Episode: Anupama faints down seeing Vanraj’s love confession for Kavya

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. Anupama gets tensed seeing the broken ghatbandhan. Bapu ji tells her to see it in a positive way. He tells her that she has given 25 years of her life as a wife, daughter in law and bahu, and now she should learn to live as Anupama. He cheers her up and asks her not to lose her identity. He asks her step ahead of Vanraj. Anupama tells Bapuji that she will never leave Vanraj’s hand and enters inside the house with him.

Kavya also holds Vanraj’s hand and enters the house. This makes him upset and much tensed. He makes an excuse of backache and goes to his room while Baa takes Anupama for a puja ritual. Baa asks Devika to take Anupama to the room so that she can apply the balm to Vanraj’s back.

Vanraj enters his room and is shocked to see Kavya there. She confronts him for not keeping his promise. She tells him about the pain that she had to suffer because of him. She asks him why didn’t he come for their marriage when she had planned their marriage. She asks him how could he marry Anupama, when he had promised to marry her first.

Vanraj tells Kavya that he could not convince the family for his reason to step out of the house. He tells her how Sanjay had kept him trapped in the house. Kavya blames him of cheating her. She goes mad in anger while Vanraj wants her to leave the house before anyone finds them together. Kavya warns him that he will never be able to hide about their truth from Anupama. Vanraj gets much tensed.

Meanwhile, Paritosh, Nandini and Sanjay find Kavya missing and worry too. They look for her. Samar gets glad to see his mother’s happiness. Kavya tells Vanraj to see how she was dressed as hi bride. She shows him the mangalsutra and asks him to make her wear it. She tells her how everyone laughed at her. She warns to tell the truth to Anupama. Vanraj tries to make her understand that he could not come.

She tells Vanraj that Anirudh was right about him that he will never marry her and she would be the other woman in his life. She asks him to make a decision between Anupama and her. Anupama gets involved in kitchen work. Devika stops her and tells her that she will take care of all of this. She asks her to go to Kitchen.

Kavya demands Vanraj to tell everyone about her. Vanraj tries to make her understand that even if he tells the truth, they will not be able to stay together. He tells her that even if he gets divorced from Anupama, Anirudh will never divorce her. He asks her leave the madness and have some patience. He tells Kavya to trust him as he only wanted to marry her and loves her. Kavya smartly unlocks the door. She does not want to wait any longer and wants someone to find out about their relationship.

She apologizes to Vanraj. They confess their love for each other. Anupama walks towards the room as she feels lucky to have Vanraj. She enters the room and sees Vanraj’s confession for Kavya. She is much shocked and faints down. Vanraj sees Anupama unconscious and rushes to check on her. Kavya runs out of the house.

Rakhi witnesses this and gets happy to see high drama in Anupama’s life.

Keep reading this space for latest gossips and spoilers of Anupama serial.


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