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Anupama 26th October 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa decides to stand up for herself

Anupama 26th October 2020 Written Episode: Devika helps Anupamaa extricate all her pain out 

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. Anupamaa wakes up in the middle of the night and feels uneasiness. She is not even able to see Vanraj’s picture and goes out of the room avoiding it. Her conditions seems to be worsening while she walks in the hall of her house.

In the hall she sees her and Vanraj’s 25th Anniversary celebration decoration and recollect how happy they were at that time. She gets more uneasy remembering that and falls down near the mandap. She brings matchbox from the temple of her house and lits the havan kund. Anupamaa recalls Vanraj’s betrayal and is about throw her new Mangalsutra in the fire but Devika stops her. Devika tries to calm Anupamaa ask her to share her pain with her.

Then she take Anupamaa out of the house in her car, where Anupamaa initially finds difficult to breathe but gets a little calm. On the other side, Kavya thinks and try to go to Vanraj but stops remembering Devika’s warning and Vanraj’s harsh words. Vanraj also in his room is gaping with back pain, thinking over his mistake and how to get himself out of the situation.

Devika and Anupamaa reaches a cliff, where Devika asks Anu to vent out all her feelings pain and anger as nobody is here to judge her. Anupamaa recalling Vanraj’s love confession for Kavya, shouts loudly blowing out all her pain and tries to jump off the cliff. However, Devika stops her friend Anu and slaps to calm her. Anupamaa breaks down completely and tells Devika that she thought she has kept all her relations, family and home together in all these twenty-five years. She never realised her home and relations shattered a long ago. She also says, that she was only Anupamaa before marriage and had many dreams. A girl after her marriage had to kick a rice bowl and that rice gets shattered on the floor, now she realized that her dreams also gets shattered just like that rice.

After marriage she got tied with so many relations that she almost forgot that she is also a daughter of someone, she also forgot dreams she had seen for her mother’s house (mayaaka). She was stilly happy because her husband was happy. Her husband and in-laws scolded her a lot but she never replied back. Sometimes, they praised her for her cooking, she used to get madly happy with it. Even being illiterate, she did her best to educate her children and never asked for her rights but it doesn’t mean that her rights can be given to Kavya or anyone else. She tells Devika that you and Anirudh tried to warn me but i believed Vanraj and Kavya instead. She also says that she is angry with herself that why again and again she trusted Vanraj and Kavya even after how they ill-treated her. Vcanraj’s all words of apology were always a lie.

Precap: Anupama says she had always thought for her home and family, but now she will think and stand for herself. She stands near the cliff and shouts her name loudly, just then sun rises shining. Then she goes near goddess idol and says that her journey ahead will be tough and wishes for strength from god. She also says she wants many answers now and then goddess shadow appears behind her.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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