Home TV serial spoilers Anupama 27th October 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa confronts Vanraj

Anupama 27th October 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa confronts Vanraj

Anupama 27th October 2020 Written Episode: Vanraj fails to manipulate Anupama with his lies

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus.  Anupamaa tells Devika that she felt like a queen with Vanraj’s love but now her life has turned into a dark night after Vanraj’s betrayal.

She tells her that she feels empty handed now. Devika is in tears seeing her in so much pain. She tells Devika that she has been a responsible mother for Paritosh. Now, she wants to be a live for herself. She wants to take responsibility of her life by taking responsibility of her own self. She wants to prove that women are not weak.

Anupamaa sees Devika’s tattoo which has ‘I am I m enough’ written. Devika writes the same on Anu’s hand and asks her to remember that she comes first and them all her other roles. Anupama tells her that she wants an identity of herself other than Anupama Vanraj Shah. Anupam recollects how she met herself sometime back when she met Devika and her friends after a long time. She now wants to find herself once again and meet herself forever this time. Devika is happy to see Anupamaa having so much strength to stand up for herself.

Anupamaa wants to prove the strength of a mother who is not broken down after her husband has cheated on her and their 25 years of marriage. She wants to still remain a perfect homemaker and a person who can fix everything. She shouts her name loud as the sun rises marking the start of her new life. They hear temple bells. Devika tells her that she has got blessings form goddess. Anupamaa prays for herself to gain strength and courage.

Devika drops Anupamaa home. Anupamaa enters the house. She finds Vanraj’s name everywhere and realizes how her identity has got lost. She does not want to be known by his name anymore. She sees the wedding mandap and is in tears. Bapu ji finds Anupamaa cooking in the kitchen. He meets her and tells her that he was could not bear to see in such shattered state. He asks her to take some rest but she continues to work. Anupamaa apologizes to him for troubling everyone. She does not tells the truth. He scolds her like a father and sends her to rest.

Anupamaa awaits Vanraj to get up and confront him. Anupama happens to see Kavya. Kavya is unable to face her as she feels much guilty seeing Anupamaa’s angry stare. She gets away from Anupama’s sight. Nandini sees Anupamaa and feels happy that she is fine now. She scares Kavya even more about what will happen when everyone finds out about Vanraj and her affair.

Baa sees Anupamaa and shows her affection to her. The kids get up and are happy to Anupamaa. Samar knows that he mum is hiding something that had broken her down. Anupama is happy to be with her family and wants to treasure her relations. The children take Anupama to Vanraj.

Anupamaa confronts Vanraj. He tries to manipulate her with his lies. She asks him to stop lying and puts him away. He tries to overpower her and asks her what will she do now, will she divorce him. She faces him with courage as she asks him to back off. She tells him that that from now on she is just Anupamaa who will take decisions for her life and not anyone else. She closes the door on him as she tells him that she is no longer Anupama Vanraj Shah.

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