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Anupama 30th October 2020 Written Update: Vanraj throws Anupamaa out of the house?

Anupama 30th October 2020 Written Episode: Samar and Anupama disowns Vanraj

Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Paritosh telling everything about Vanraj and Kavya to Kinjal, both of them get into an argument as Kinjal supports Anupamaa. Paritosh takes Vanraj’s side. Kinjal says that may be they (Vanraj and Kavya) are still in a relationship and also ask him to think about his mother too. Samar overhears their conversation and drops surprise photo frame in shock and leaves. Kinjal asks Paritosh to go and calm him as Samar is vry emotional person.

Nandini sees Kavya keeping her bags in a cab and asks where is she going. Kavya replies that she is going to her house. Nandini asks her why is she is afraid of to face Anupamaa aunty when she herself wanted to inform everyone about her and Vanraj. Kavya says yes she wanted to but not like this and adds that her repeated taunts will not change her. Nandini says fine do whatever she wants and walks inside home.

Kavya sees Vanraj at his room’s window, he calls her and says its good you are going. Kavya gets upset and says that he wanted this only. Vanraj cleverly tells Kavya that at nobody can question her in her own home and moreover he will be to meet her there. He gives her excuses of Anupamaa’s weird behaviour post truth revelation. Kavya understands his excuses and taunts him that either she is now making mistake in understanding him or already made mistake in understanding him in past.

Kavya sits in cab and goes, in between her cab stops due to some milkman’s cycle. She sees Anupamaa at kitchen window and gets scared of facing her. Jhilmil tries to know the truth from Anupamaa but she avoids the talk hugging her. Paritosh is still searching for Samar in the locality. Samar reaches Vanraj and confront him, he says he will try to manipulate him just like Toshu and will say his mother misunderstood everything and is a loser. He did so wrong and even not lowered his eyes once, there is a between his both parents; his mother is selfless and father on other side is so shameless. they hold each other’s collar in anger. Samar in anger disowns Vanraj as his father.

Baa, Bapu Ji and Mamaji in living room are discussing about Anupamaa’s silent behaviour when they see her silently serving tea to everyone. Devika comes and starts attacking Vanraj with her bitter words about Kavya indirectly. Anupamaaa takes burgers for Samar to his room where Samar tries to show his support for his mother and motivates her through a motivational song ( Jeete hain Chal….)  and dance. Mother son duo gets emotional and hug.

Vanraj drives car recalling Anu, Samar and Kavya’s words. He in anger shouts and thinks that he should control himself and the situation else everything will get spoiled.

Precap: Vanraj sees Anupama going somewhere with Devika and tries to stop her but Anu says he has lost his rights of asking her anything. Anupamaa goes with Devika. On Anu’s return Vanraj gets angry on her and oust her from the house saying go and live with her friend Devika. He closes the door on her face and smirks.

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