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Anupama 31st October 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa’s day out, Nandini tells the hidden truth

Anupama 31st October 2020 Written Episode: Anupamaa gives it back to Vanraj as the latter throws her out of the house

Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Samar asking Anupama to leave what happened behind and move on. Anupama replies that in our world if a women moves on she has to leave many things behind and she cannot leave her family behind hearing which Samar asks so will you forgive Vanraj? Anupama says that she can not forgive him as he has not made a mistake, but his betrayal cannot be forgiven. She cannot punish her kids and family because of his betrayal, if one person didn’t care for her it doesn’t mean she should stop thinking about whole house or family. Anu adds if she informs Baa Bapuji about it they will get hurt and lose trust on their own family and upbringing and she cannot anything like this ever. Vanraj will tell them himself. Samar says he will support her in all her decisions ad also ask her to think for herself too this time. Anu says mother and family are not different and she wants her family to be happy.

Samar asks her if she felt bad that Paritosh hid the truth from her. Anu says even Sanjay Ji and Nandini also hid the truth and adds that she understand their reasons but it felt bad. Pakhi calls her and she goes. Samar in anger goes to meet Nandini and confronts her about the truth of Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. Nandini tries to explain him that she couldn’t because she felt how close he is to his mum and will get more hurt. Samar warns her to stay away from him and his family. He walks away saying he hates her.

Baa sits for pooja and Anupama gives her prasad. Devika tells Anu that she has some work outside and will return soon. Baa as usual taunts her. Everyone in family except Baa and Vanraj suggests Anu to go outside and have some fun with Devika for a change. Vanraj enters, seeing him Pakhi asks him to give Anu permission of going outside with Devika but he remains silent. Anu recalls the moment when she used to run behind Vanraj for seeking permission from him and suddenly tells Devika that she will go with her. Baa asks her to take permission from Vanraj but Bapuji says he has permitted her and that is enough. baa asks what about dinner to which Jhilmil replies that she will stay till night. Anu goes to change. Vanraj goes outside behind Devika and warns her to stay away from his house. Then both of them taunt each other and argue. Anu walks out towards Devika’s car where Vanraj tries to stop her by saying who will take care of his house and family to which Anupama replies he has lost his right of asking anything from her. She goes with Devika leaving Vanraj shocked and fuming.

Rakhi and Kinjal are in a massage session where Rakhi asks Kinjal the reason about her stress. Kinjal tries her best to hide everything but Rakhi guesses and asks her that is she stressed thinking about her in laws. She further guess and ask her that is she stressed about Kavya and Vanraj. This shocks Kinjal and she gets angry on Rakhi’s words. Kinjal tells her to not interfere in her in their family matter and walks away. Rakhi gets happy that her doubt on Kavya and Vanraj has now got strong. She thinks once she gets strong evidence, she will create such an issue which will break Kinjal and Paritosh’s alliance, Shah family’s house and Vanraj’s ego.

Anu and Devika on the other side are sitting on a bench enjoying ice-cream. Anu asks Devika the time, she replies 20 minutes have passed. On Anupamaa’s insistence Devika drops her back home. On Anu’s return, Vanraj stops her at the door, scolds her a lot and ask her to return back to Devika, she is not needed here. He further closes the door on her face and smirks. Anupamaa ask him to open the door, otherwise he will only become an element of fun. On seeing his family around he gets scared and opens the door for Anupama. Anu handover Vanraj’s fallen name plate to him and enters the house with confidence.

Precap: Nandini hugs and confesses to Anu that she tried to stop Kavya from marrying Vanraj. She further tells her that they were going to get married before her marriage with Vanraj. Vanraj walks out of Kavya’s flat but hides seeing Anu walking towards Kavya’s flat.

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