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Anupamaa 03 September 2020 update: Vanraj gives ultimatum to Anupama

Anupamaa written update: Paritosh tries to harm himself

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Anuapmaa serial on Star Plus. It would be seen that Samar takes Paritosh to his room. Paritosh pours his heart out to Samar and tells him how he has been a obedient child since childhood and made his parents proud.

Toshi tells Samar that how he has never given any reason to anyone to complain about him. And now, when he wants his one wish to get fulfilled and marry a girl of his choice. he tells him that he didn’t want to insult his family but lost control in drunken state. He is much hurt. Samar assures him that their parents will get him married to Kinjal and puts him to sleep.

Samar informs Kinjal and tells him about the big drama at home. He asks her not to come and meet Toshi now. He also tells her not to leave Paritsoh as he will be totally shattered. Kinjal feels bad for pressuring Paritosh.

Anupama also gets much hurt recalling Toshi’s bitter words and for beating her son. She knows that Toshi is not totally wrong. She thinks that she has failed a mother and regrets raising her hands on her son. Sanjay tells her to give Toshi curd mixed with spices to help him with his hangover, before Vanraj comes home. He tells her that she is a very good mother and has a right to be angry on her children, if they go wrong.

Anuapma worries about Vanraj’s reaction when he finds out about Toshi’s drunk drama. Baa is not ready to hide it from Vanraj and thinks that he should know whats going on with his son.

Anupama goes to meet Toshi. Samar tells her that Paritosh does not want her promises but actions regarding his marriage alliance with Kinjal. He tells her that they could lose Toshi. Anuapma wants to save her kid even if it means taking Vanraj’s anger. Vanraj comes home. Baa infroms him about Toshi’s drunk drama. Samar and Anupama get a big shock on seeing the sleeping pills with Paritosh.

Vanraj gets much furious and goes to confront Toshi. Anupama stops him and shows him the sleeping pills consumed by Toshi. She wnats to him to handle the situation carefully. Vanraj blames Anupama for everything. He accuses her for mishandling the matter. He asks her to fix up things in a day’s time, if she wants the family to stay in peace.

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