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Anupamaa 07th October 2020 Written Update – Vanraj’s double marriage

Anupamaa 07th October 2020 Written Episode – Vanraj agrees to marry Kavya

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Vanraj is worried about Anupama’s annoyance towards him and Devika’s warning to him. He tells Anupama that she always tolerates his anger and says sorry. He tries to convince hr with his sugary talks and says that his identity is also because of her. Anupama asks him that why is he changing his words as he regrets marrying her.

He sings a song for her and expresses his love. Anupama gets emotional and hugs him. He folds his hands and apologizes to her. He says that he will die, if she wouldn’t forgive him. Anupama forgives him and they hug each other. The family worries about Anupama’s rejection to Vanraj’s proposal. Bapu ji is confident that Vanraj and Anupama will resolve their differences. Samar wants his mother Anupama to be happy.

Vanraj takes Anupama out once again. Anupama feels shy. He proposes to her again for marriage. Anupama accepts his proposal while Kavya keeps calling Vanraj multiple times.

Vanraj gets much tensed seeing Kavya’s call and rushes to meet her at Nandini’s house. Kavya confronts him over proposing Anupama for marriage. He makes her understand that he was only doing drama. She tells him that he can marry Anupama, but he as to marry her as well and give her the rights of his wife. She tells Vanraj that he has to marry her before he marries Anupama on their 25th wedding anniversary. She convinces him to marry her with love. She tells him that she has got his love and now she wants be his wife. Vanraj agrees to marry Kavya.

Kavya gets much happy and says that she will make all the necessary arrangements for the wedding. Nandini misses to see them hugging each other. She tells Kavya that she is going to Anupama’s house to see the marriage functions. Vanraj thinks that Kavya is his love and he will be happy when he marries her. He wants to continue to pretend his love for family for the sake of his family and kids.

Meanwhile, Vanraj’s family plans a surprise for Vanraj and Anupama on their 25th anniversary. Anupama feels happy and shy. She tells Vanraj that it was love at first sight fo her when she saw Vanraj. She asks him to join her to go to the temple to seek blessings for their forever love and always stay happy. Vanraj unwillingly hugs Anupaaa while she is much happy with their new start.

Further, Nandini is left in a big shock when Kavya tells her that she is marrying Vanraj.

What will happen next? Will Nandini tell Samar about Vanarj’s betrayal? Lots of interesting twists and drama in store for the viewers ahead!

Stay tuned to Tellydhamaal for latest gossips and spoilers of Anupamaa serial.


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