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Anupamaa 08 September 2020: Anirudh reveals Kavya and Vanraj affair

Anupamaa 08 September 2020 written update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Anupamaa is much happy that Rakhi has agreed for Kinjal and Paristoh’s marriage alliance. Rakhi offers to drop her home. Kavya and Vanraj come to the same club and Anupama is much surprised. Rakhi asks her if she didn’t know about Vanraj coming to the club.

Kavya is worried about facing Anupama. Vanraj assures to handle the matter. He lies to Anupama that he has come with Kavya for some work purposes. Rakhi doubts that Vanraj and Kavya are having an affair and taunts them. Anuapma does not get it while Rakhi leaves from there. Vanraj asks Anupama about the outcome of her meeting with Rakhi.

Anupama happily informs him that Rakhi has accepted Kinjal and Paristoh’s marriage alliance. She also tells him that Rakhi has already fixed the engagement date. Vanraj is unable to believe it. He gets much happy that Toshi’s life will be back on track and he will be happy now. He thanks Anupama for her efforts and they have a happy moment as parents which makes Kavya much insecure.

Vanraj takes Anupama back home in his car. The car tyre gets punctured. Vanraj takes Anupama for coffee until it gets fixed. Kavya feels like an outsider. Anuapam suggests Vanrak to break the good news to Toshi and wants him to have a moment with his son. Vanraj likes the idea. He asks her how did she convince Rakhi. She tells Vnarja who she convinced Rakhi using her philosophy but giving her perspective too.

Anupama tells Kavya about an incident when Paritoh got much ill with an allergy and how Vanraj bought a car that very day as Paritosh got ill in the rain while going to the doctor that very day. She tells her that Vanraj loves his family a lot. Vanraj also says that he can never see his family hurt. Kavya is much hurt seeing their bonding as parents and wishes to leave. She feels like the second woman in Vanraj’s life.

Soon, they go back home in the car. Kavya has to take a back seat. Vanraj helps Anupama with seat belt. Kavya is much jealous and decides not to pity Anupama anymore. She wants to snatch Vanraj from her and be the only woman in his life.

Further, during their car ride, Anuapma talks about their old memories which irks Kavya aa lot. Samar and Nandini have a cute moment as the he helps her fix the fuse. Anupama message Kinjal not to inform Tohi about the good news. Toshi is much anxious to know about Anuapama and Rakhi’s meeting. She messages Samar to surprise Toshi.

Samar and Nandini come up with a marriage drama to surprise Paritosh. Paritosh thinks they are doing the dance to cheer him up. Vanraj and Anupama come home. Vanraj breaks the news to Toshi that his marriage is fixed. The family shares their happiness together.

Kavya feels bad that Vanraj has forgotten her for his family. Soon, Anirudh makes a big entry to expose Kavya and Vanraj’s affair to Anupama and her family.

Is this Kavya’s dream? Will Vanraj and Kavya’s affair get known to all? We will have to wait and watch!

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Anupamaa spoilers: Vanraj and Kavya to get married?


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