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Anupamaa 10 September 2020 update: Vanraj fakes love drama with Anupama to hide his affair

Anupamaa Written Update: Kavya warns Vanraj

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. It would be seen that Samar follows Nandini and they have funny talks. She is not happy that he has followed her to the market on his cycle. Samar likes Nandini and wants to spend time with, despite knowing that she is three years elder to him.

Anirudh leaves Vanraj’s house angrily. Nandini slips down and Samar stops her from falling down. They have a romantic moment. Anirudh passes by them. He taunts Nandini to be just like Kavya, who is after Vanraj. He is much angry that Anupama did not believe in his truth and has blind trust on Vanraj. He thinks Vanraj is a lucky man to have a wife like that.

Nandini tells Samar that Anirudh is always bitter like that and hence Kavya is getting divorced from him. She tells Anirudh has a very small mindset. She is much upset with men who cannot see their wives working and getting independent, as their ego gets hurts. He gets to know her thinking about being against marriage as she has seen many marriage not working. Her own parents are divorced too.

At the same time, Vanraj is much tensed about the tensions in the house with Anirudh’s revelation. Kavya apologizes to Vanraj and his family on Anirudh’s behalf. Baa gets much upset with her and taunts her. Vanraaj comes in her support. Anuapma thinks that Anirudh is doubting Kavya for no reason as she truts Vanraj and Kavya to be good friends and work colleagues.

Kavya does not feel guilty as she wants Vanraj at any cost. Kavya gets much relief when Anupama tells her that she can walk into their house anytime for any help as she is a family friend. She thanks Anupama.

Anupama asks Vanraj to drop Kavya home but Vanraj decides to stay back due to the situation in the house. Kavya leaves. Later, he calls Kavya and says sorry to her for not dropping her home. He tells that Anupama is a great person that she still trusts him even after  truth from Anirudh. He asks Kavya to understand that he will have to fake love drama with Anupama for a few days. Kavya warns Vanraj not to break his trust else he will have to face consequences.

She tells Vanraj that she loves him a lot. Vanraj also promises to her that he will always be loyal to her. Baa and Anupama have a conversation. Baa tells her that she is much shaken after hearing Anirudh’s allegations. She asks Anupama how is she feeling. She warns Anupama not to entertain Kavya much and safeguard her marriage. Anupama tells Baa that she has no fear as she has complete trust in Vanraj.

Next, Rakhi comes to meet Shah family to have a fresh start. She apologizes to Vanraj and wants him to apologize too. Kinjal and Paritosh get tensed thinking about any tensions between their families.

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