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Anupamaa 11th November 2020 Written Update: Vanraj fumes in anger as Anupama begins to drive

Anupamaa 11th November 2020 Written Episode

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. Baa gets consciousness. Vanraj tells him that if he scares him again, then he will fight with him. Bapuji tells him that he would hit him, if he does so. Baa also asks Bapu ji not to scare her again.

Anupama comes to meet Bapuji and asks him not to asks for cream rolls anymore. He says he will change cream roll’s name to bottle gourd. Vanraj blames Anupama for feeding something wrong to Bapuji that caused him such big trouble. He blames of being out of the home most of the time. Baa shouts at Vanraj and asks him where was he the whole night and why was he untraceable. She says that Anupama was the one who got Bapuji to the hospital in right time and saved him. The nurse asks them not to argue and let Bapu ji rest. Anu asks Baa to step out. Vanraj sees their bonding and gets jealous.

Toshi and Samar make preparations for Diwali decorations. Vanraj gets ready for his office., Kinjal arrives with her Car and asks Anu to come out. Baa asks Anu why is Kinjal calling her. She tells Baa that she wants to learn driving. Samar gets happy to know this while Toshi rushes to stop Kinajl from doing this.

Paritosh and Kinjal have an argument as Paritosh tells her that his mom does bot even know how to ride a cycle and it is not her age to learn driving. Kinjal asks him not to act like his father and Anu can learn if she wants to. Vanraj shouts at Anupama that how can she learn driving when bapu ji is in the hospital. Baa also yells at Anu tells her that she is flying high as she had supported her in the hospital earlier. Anu tells Baa that she wants to learn driving. Vanraj blames her for misbehaving with Baa. Anupam replies back that she is her Baa too.

Baa tells Anu that if she is requesting her, the she has denied her request. She also tells him that she has seen her behaviour with Vanraj for past few days. She says that Vanraj is working hard for the family and asks her to concentrate of her husband and the family. Anu says that even she is performing all her duties for the family. She says the children ar grown up now.

Baa asks Anu to forgive Vanraj’s misbehavior and respect him. She says Anu that she is a woman and should learn to bend. Vanraj gets happy with Baa’s support and smirks. He asks Anu if she heard what Baa is saying. Anu says if door is small, she has to bend. Baa shouts at her for insulting her husband even now. She tells her that Bapuiji is in hospital and Diwali is on the way, hence her family needs her. Anupama tells baa that she always took care of Bapuji. Vanraj tells Baa let her go, she will return in 2 days as she doesn’t know traffic signal light. He says that she can’t even drive as she has no license. Anupama tells him that he has  got learner’s license already yesterday.

Vanraj yells that Anupama and says that she will not learn driving and says that she should be with Bapuji. Anu tells him that whatever she is doing is for Bapuji after yesterday’s problem. She tells baa how she felt so helpless and wants to prepare herself for the unforeseen event like yesterday. She tells Baa that she can understand Vanraj opposing, but asks Baa why is she opposing when she herself was present yesterday and knew what they went through. Anu says that will take her blessings like always and will go, she can stop her if she feels she is wrong. Baa stands silently while Anu walks away.

Toshu is about to remove Learning sticker from car. He tells Kinjal that papa will never allow Anu, just then Anupama stops him. Toshu asks if has got permission from Baa and Papa. Anupama says she asked Baa and she didn’t reply yes or no. and she didn’t ask his papa.

Anupama prays to God that she wants to learn driving to serve Baa and Bapuji. Vanraj is much upset as she walks out and sees Anupama angrily. Kinjal asks her to open car and her fate’s door. Samar tells his mom that just like she is handling life’s steering, she should handle car’s steering. Anupama catches keys and recollects felling helpless with Bapuji’s heart attack episode. She says that it is time to stop feeling helpless and to take charge now.

Precap: Anu starts car. Vanraj purposefully honks from behind and drives in front. Anu overtakes him, leaving him fuming.


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