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Anupamaa 15th October 2020 Written Update: Vanraj handles Paritosh, goes to marry kavya

Anupamaa 15th October 2020 Written Episode – Vanraj manipulates Anupama to let him get out of the house

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa serial. Kavya gets fearless and admits Paritosh that Vanraj and she are in love and want to marry each other. She tells him that she wants to end all of this drama and tell Anupama and everyone all of the truth. Paritosh stops her. She tells him that Vanraj does not love Anupama and their marriage is just a compromise. She says that Vanraj is with Anupama only for the sake of his children.

Kavya tells him that he can try to stop the marriage , if he can but she is telling the truth. Paritsoh leaves as he sheds tears for Anupama. Kavya calls Vanraj to tell him that Paritosh knows about their marriage plans. Vanraj gets much tensed and thinks how did Paritosh find out. Kavya tells him that Nandini told him. She tells him how Nandini found out their marriage registration slip. Vanraj gets upset with her being careless and ruining his family image. Kavya worries that he can get upset and break the marriage.

Everyone takes family photo and Vanraj joins them. He ignores to see Toshi while Toshi looks at him angrily. Sanjya tells Vanraj that Toshi knows about his affair with Kavya. Vanraj pretends to smile for family photo and tells Sanjay that he will handle Paritosh.

Devika teases Anupama about her first night after marriage. They have a fun talk as Devika says that she will not leave Vanraj without getting a Nek from him. Paritosh confronts Vanraj for cheating on Anupama. He tells that Vanraj that he was his ideal and superhero, but not anymore.

Vanraj does drama and apologizes to Toshi. He admits that he has an affair with Kavya. He tells him that how he had an arranged marriage with Anupama and how they are not compatible at all. He says that he met Kavya, and fell in love with her finding her similar to himself. He lies that he has ended his affair with Kavya long time back. Toshi asks him not to lie as he has seen their marriage registration slip. Vanraj tells him that Kavya is getting insecure and forcing to him get married to her. Vanraj assures Toshi that he has broken up with Kavya and is not marrying her. He says that he is already feeling guilty about his affair with Kavya but does not want to hurt Anupama.

He lies to Toshi that he only wants to get married to Anupama again. Paritosh hearts melt and he forgives Vanraj seeing him regretting his mistakes. He tells Vanraj to keep Anupama happy always. Anupama comes into the room with tea for Vanraj. She falls down and gets hurt. Vanraj and Paritosh worry for Anupama. She does not hear their conversation. Vanraj shows fake love and worry for Anupama to convince Paritosh.

Kavya calls Vanraj to inform him to about the marriage mahurat and tells him to come on time. She asks him about Paritosh. Vanraj tells her that he has handled Toshi. Baa does not allow Vanraj to go out of the house on the day of marriage.

Anupama gets another cup of tea for Vanraj. He romances her to trap her in his sugary words. He tells her to help him get out of the house for an important office meeting. He emotionally blackmails Anupama and convinces her. Anupama lets him to go for the meeting. Vanraj thinks Anupama is so innocent and is helping him in his second marriage. He goes to marry Kavya.

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