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Anupamaa 16 September 2020 update: Anupama faces Vanraj’s wrath

Anupamaa 16 September 2020 written episode- Rakhi stirs a storm in Shah Family

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Pakhi asks Nandini to teach her some good Bollywood steps for Paritosh’s engagement function. Nandini suggests Toshi and Kinjal should have a couple dance as there will be elite guests in their function. Samar gets smitten by her charm. Samar gets a chance to dance with Nandini and gets much happy.

Anupama comes home and is excited to show the expensive engagement ring she brought for Kinjal. Baa realizes that Anupama has sold old jwellery to buy the ring and decies to confront her. Just then, Rakhi enters the house and brings a storm, She pretends to be very happy that Anupama has bought the expensive ring for Kinjal and proved her love for Kinjal. She tells her that she would become the best mother-in-law for Kinjal. She says that she knows that Vanraj and th family were against buying an expensive ring. Vanraj gets much furious while Rakhi leaves after stiring up a storm in the family.

Anupama faces Vanraj and Baa’s wrath. Vanraj shouts on her for buying the ring. Anupama tells him she didn’t take any cash, she has sold the jewellery given by her mum to get the diamond ring, just because Paritosh was sad. Vanraj tells her that they belong to middle class and should remember their limits. He tells her that Rakhi has slapped him by using his wife, she has insulted him by showing her control on his family.

Baa also gets much angry with Anupama for selling the jewellery given by her mum for Kinjal’s engagement ring. She tells Anupama that she cannot trust her anymore. She may have sold her mum’s jewellery but has now lost her rights to the jewellery given by Baa to her. Baa asks Anupama to return all the jewellery given to her by Shah family. Anupama cries a lot and feels bad that Baa doesn’t value her. Paritosh apologizes to Anupama as he thinks that he is responsible for this mess.

Baa tells Bapuji that Anupama has proved her wrong once again. She is much upset that Anupama did not listen to her and disrespected her. Bapu ji sides Anupama and tells her to clam down. Anupama returns the jewellery to Baa.

Meanwhile, Rakhi plans to o break Paritosh and Kinjal’s alliance by fooling Anupama. She decides to fix Kinjal’s marriage with her friend’s son.

Further, Kavya makes a stormy entry in Vanraj’s house late in the night. Kavya comes in a bad state and tells Vanraj that Anirudh has abused her and she will not return to him. Anupama wonders if Vanraj and Kavya really had any affair. Kavya wants to snatch Vanraj from Anupama.

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