Home TV serial spoilers Anupamaa 17th November 2020 Written Update: Vanraj tries to slap her BUT

Anupamaa 17th November 2020 Written Update: Vanraj tries to slap her BUT

Anupamaa 17th November 2020 Written Episode: Anupama solely performs Diwali Pooja with family 

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Vanraj returning Shah house and sees Samar lifting Anupama and dance in happiness. Shah family ask the reason of his happiness to which he replies that Anupama received fees of the students enrolled in her dance classes in her account. She takes elders blessings as she got her first income. Bapuji bless and praise her that she is the actual Lakshmi of their house. Everybody in the family congratulate and accolade her her achievement. Vanraj standing outside fumes seeing Anu happy.

Before entering the house, Vanraj receives his boss’s call and he thinks now he will show-off Anu the diwali bonus from his company and indirectly insult her, but instead his boss scolds him for his bad proposal and presentation. His boss warns him that now his company as well as his career will bear the loss of this. He stands shocked and fuming. He doesn’t go to his house and instead walk outside where he imagines Anu taunting him. He turns back and sees Kavya. He asks her what is she doing here, Kavya replies she came to inform him about boss’s call. She says she is confused how they lost the project as everything was perfect, Vanraj blames and taunts Kavya for the loss of project. Kavya stands shocked and recall how different was Vanraj with her in the past. She reminds him that with presentation, their proposal was also bad which they made together. She walks away saying if he feels its her mistake, then from next time he must come on time for the presentation and present it himself. He sits on nearby bench fuming.

Everyone at Shah house looks for Vanraj for pooja and ask Anu, she replies that he went to meet someone and didn’t tell when he will be back. Baa and Bapuji once again argue where Baa as usual support her son Vanaraj and Bapuji take Anupama’s side. Baa and everybody have a funny discussion how soan papdi box moves from one house to the other and returns as Diwali gift to its origin. Security guard comes to Vanraj and wish him Happy Diwali, the latter gives him 50 rs. Guard ask him for more, Vanraj gets angry and scolds him feeling insulted. Everybody try to reach Vanraj through call or messages but he is busy fighting with neighbours. Vanraj sees so many missed calls from home and rushes to his house. On reaching home he sees Anupama performing pooja in his place and in anger destroys door decoration. Anu sees him in mirror walking inside.

Vanraj on terrace of his house recalls Kavya’s anger and Rakhi’s warning. He listens everybody performing pooja and recalls everybody’s advice, anger and warning. He even destroys terrace decoration. Everybody enjoys lighting Phuljhari in the garden. Anu goes to Vanraj and ask him why is he punishing his family if he is angry with his wife. He asks can’t they wait for him, she replies time (Muharaat) of lakshmi pooja cannot wait. He gets angry and ask her “that’s why you did pooja in my place”. He also says that this house, family, customs and happiness all are his and just his. Anu replies him sternly that this house, family, customs and happiness are of Baa, Bapuji and kids, he is just a caretaker of them. She also says today he was not there so she handled everything.

Precap: Vanraj uses abusive language with Anupama but she warns him to mind his language as he is crossing his limits. He tries to slap her. She holds his hand and warns him that it wouldn’t be good for him if from towards he tries to raise his voice and hands on her and her family.



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