Home TV serial spoilers Anupamaa 17th October 2020 Written Update: Anirudh proposes Kavya for marriage

Anupamaa 17th October 2020 Written Update: Anirudh proposes Kavya for marriage

Anupamaa 17 October 2020 Written Episode: Vanraj and Anupama get married again, Kavya furious

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Kavya keeps waiting for Vanraj at the temple. She wants to marry him at any cost. She decides to go home and confront him. Vanraj messages Kavya that it is impossible for him to leave the house and he cannot come to the temple. He promises to marry her another day. Kavya gets shocked and faints down. Anirudh reaches just in time and holds her.

Kavya is much angry seeing him and realizes that Nandini has sent him. Anirudh tells her that she has to accept the truth that she will always have second place in Vanraj’s life. He tells that Vanraj is going to marry Anupama for the second time but he can’t even marry her once. Kavya is not ready to listen to him.

Anirudh further says that She is making a joke of herself. She tells her how she is decked up as a bride and but her groom is nowhere. He tells her that Vanraj will never accept her. He proposes her for marriage. He tells Kavya to give him a chance as they are not divorced yet. He promises to her that he will never cheat her ever, even if they may have fights. Kavya doesn’t respond to him.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Anupama come to in the mandap to get married again. Anupama is impressed to see Vanraj who looks very handsome. They both praise each other. Baa asks them to exchange the garlands. Their children make the occasion very special by getting a garland with pictures of Anupama and Vanraj’s showcasing their journey 25 years of marriage.

Bapu present those moments to them. Anupama sheds tears of happiness and feels blessed to get such a family. She tells that she is lucky to get love from both her mother and Baa. Vanraj and Anupama have fun while exchanging the garlands. Rakhi gets bored with their family drama.

Nandini informs Paritosh not to worry as she has sent Anirudh to handle Kavya. Anupama’s mother get ready for the ritual to touch son-in-law’s feet. Vanraj shows respect for Anupama’s mother and stop her. He doesn’t want her to repeat any ritual that makes her touch his feet. He tells that he has become her son now. Anupama feels proud of her husband.

Vanraj does not get a reply from Kavya and gets tensed thinking that Kavya would home and ask him to marry him. Anupama asks him why didn’t Kavya come to attend the marriage. She sheds tears of happiness to experience her life’s big moment again. Vanraj asks her not to cry. He fakes his love for her and thanks her for bringing so much happiness in his life.

Kavya is not ready to lose and decided to expose Vanraj’s truth. She wants Vanraj to choose either of Anupama and her. She leaves to meet him. Anirudh is unable to stop her. He tries to inform Nandini. He fears that Kavya will be ruining Anupama’s happiness. What will happen next? How will Vanraj handle Kavya? Will Anuapma finally get to know of Kavya and Vanraj’s affair.

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