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Anupamaa 19th November 2020 Written Update: Rakhi exposes Vanraj and Kavya

Anupamaa 19th November 2020 Written Episode: Anupama starts yoga and meditation

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Nandini, she comes as a Yoga teacher of Anu and Bapuji. Everyone in the garden wishes each other morning and Happy New year. Vanraj sees Anu wearing Sports Shoes with Saari and taunts her. Bapuji, Anu and Samar gives him stern replies. Anu leaves for Yoga class telling Baa that she will handle housework after coming back. Badal pe naav hai…song..plays in the background and all of them reach park. Nandini starts teaches them Yoga and Samar in between secretly watch Nandini. After sometime of exercise Bapuji says enough for the day. Samar takes Bapuji to get him Coconut water. Nandini asks Anu if she is feeling tired. Anu says not at all. She gives Anu Soundproof headphones and tells her that nature has a healing power, Meditation helps to release of our daily life. They start meditation but Anu gets panic as she recalls Vanraj’s betrayal and romance with Kavya. Nandini calms her and says inner problems gets triggered out, she should really get out of her problems and not feel pain even if she faces it again. She replies to Nandini that she is right, now she will become strong and make her weakness as her strength.

Bapuji and Samar returns to them with Coconut water. Anu asks Samar time and runs home knowing it’s 8PM. Anu bumps into Vanraj as she returns home, he walks past her giving a sly smile. She taunts him that atleast he will celebrate someone’s birthday without hurting their feelings, they thought her as fool and she always took Kavya as dear one and she never forgets dear one’s birthday. As she walks inside, Vanraj murmurs that at least he will not have to see this inauspicious woman’s face for 2 days and walks away for a trip.

Anu comes downstairs with pickle and bumps into Rakhi and Kinjal. They both come inside and wish Shah family “Happy New Year”. Baa, Bapuji, Anu, Mamaji, Samar, Paritosh, Kinjal and Rakhi talk to each other where Baa and Rakhi talk about Vanraj. Anu says to Rakhi good she came, they wanted to discuss about Kinjal and Toshu’s wedding. Rakhi asks, why they are in so hurry, let them finish with their exams. Rakhi makes a story and indirectly questions Shah family’s character which makes Baa angry and she too says they also want to know them better, who knows how is groom’s MIL’s character. Anu calms them and indirectly answers Rakhi that it doesn’t matter to her where Vanraj is. She asks her to think before talking as elders are sitting in front of them. Rakhi walks away saying she is going out with friends and will talk to them after returning. She walks away and Anu recalls how earlier also Rakhi tried to expose Vanraj. Anu thinks that Rakhi may try to mess Kinjal and Paritosh’s alliance.

Vanraj and Kavya reach Hyderabad’s expensive resort and hug each other. Rakhi sees them together and gets happy thinking now she got an opportunity to expose them and destroy Shah family. Anupamaa enters her and Vanraj’s room recalling the latter’s betrayal. Vanraj on side side is enjoying leisure time with Kavya. Anupamaa recalling Vanraj’s painful betrayal takes her clothes from the room and walks out. She thinks parents teach girls to make someone’s home as hers, but her house is taken away, they don’t teach what they should do then.

Precap: Kavya and Vanraj are enjoying their time talking selfies. Rakhi captures them enjoying together just like husband-wife and sends Baa their romantic pictures. Kinjal asks Anu to return home soon as Rakhi sent some photos to Baa which made her upset. Anu rushes home where Baa shows her something in the phone and stands fuming.


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