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Anupamaa 20th November 2020 Written Update: Rakhi makes a BIG plan to expose Vanraj

Anupamaa 20th November 2020 Written Episode: Shah family prepares for a holiday with Kinjal and Rakhi

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Anupama receiving Vanraj’s call, who tells her to inform Baa that he has reached Hyderabad. She asks him to call Baa every 2-3 hours. He replies, he is not her father’s servant. She warns not to drag her dead father in between and says she is illiterate, but knows that mobile telecaller in Hyderabad will not speak in Gujarati. Vanraj stands fuming thinking he hates it, when Anu is right.

Rakhi already saw Kavya and Vanraj in the resort together and starts her wicked plan by requesting her resort owner friend to help her exposing Vanraj and Kavya by telling her half truth and half false story. She also refers Anupama her friend. Vanraj makes Kavya happy wearing t-shirt gifted by her. Anupama makes carrot pickle for Samar, which makes him very happy. He sits with her and discuss that Nandini thinks Kavya and Vanraj have gone hyderabad together, Anupama says she already knows. Samar asks don’t she feel angry. She replies that she feels pain but there is no solution for it. Samar again asks if Baa-Bapuji gets to know about it, Anupamaa says they should not know as they will not be able to handle the truth.

Vanraj jokes with Kavya about seeing Rakhi and she gets a little angry with him. Rakhi was actually there but she hid herself before they see and says to herself she will soon come in front of them as Vanraj’s bad time. Vanraj and Kavya enjoy their leisure time hand in hand. On the other side, Anu takes online dance class of kids. Nandini gets delighted with Anu’s sweetness that she hugs her and says she want to live with her. She casually asks her to adopt her as her daughter, Samar gets uncomfortable listening this and thinks become anything else. Anu tells Nandini she can visit her anytime.

Vanraj and Kavya are enjoying their time with each other a lot, walking in resort’s garden and clicking selfies. Kinjal comes to Nandini’s house and ask Anu to come with her to shah house as her mother (Rakhi) sent some photos to Baa, who is shouting since then. Anu rushes to Baa and asks what happened. Baa replies Rakhi is in some hotel and is sending her some photos of herself and apologising for the morning fight with them. Baa also informs everyone that Rakhi is inviting them to some resort. She adds that Rakhi may want to show that expensive place for Kinjal and Paritosh’s some wedding function, Mamji jokes on it.

Anu receives a call from Rakhi, who apologies and requests her to come and spend time with her to know each other more. Anu seeks Baa’s Permission who allows them. Everyone get happy and Rakhi ends call saying she is sending a car for them. Anu feels something fishy in Rakhi’s behaviour. Nandini being an independent and self-made girls tells Kinjal she cannot come with them as it is a family event and she doesn’t like taking favours. Samar gets disheartened hearing this, but mamji gives him a solution. Samar tells Nandini she can pay her hotel bills herself if she does not take favours from anyone, but she says she cannot afford a five star hotel. Kinjal and Bapuji comes with a solution and convince Nandini ready to go with them and she agrees.

Rakhi enjoys karaoke feeling happy for her plan going successful till the time, her resort friend Janki, informs her about Vanraj’s surprise party for Kavya. Rakhi thinks it’s perfect, now she will convert Vanraj’s surprise party into a shock party. Shah’s on the other side are preparing for their holiday. Anu informs Vanraj about their holiday plan as Baa asked her to, but she fails to send him full message.

Samar gets mesmerized to see Nandini as she comes to join them in the bus for holiday. Both of them discuss about Nandini’s little bag for holiday. Samar tosses a coin to decide whether he should confess his feelings to Nandini or not, but coin gets stuck on the roof. Vanraj gets Anu’s message, but fails to see as he gets busy with Kavya. He once again misses resort manger taking Anu’s name for reservation. Baa comes wearing a punjabi suit and everyone’s jaw drops seeing her, especially Bapuji’s. Vanraj and Kavya unaware of everything are enjoying swimming and their time.

Precap: Vanraj calls Anu and scolds that he went out for a day and she went out on vacation. She sternly replies, she came with family. He asks resort’s name. She says Vado, Rakhi intentionally clashes with her and Anu’s mobile falls down.

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