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Anupamaa 21 August 2020 update: Rakhi asks Vanraj to apologize, Paristoh gets panic attack

Anupamaa written episode: Paritosh and Vanraj get into a ugly fight

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Anupama is outside Rakhi’s house. Rakhi tells Anupuama that she is busy in morning time being a working woman and cannot entertain guests at this time. Anupama tells Rakhi that they are mothers first and asks her if she thinks about Kinjal’s happiness. Rakhi decides to speak to her.

Anupama apologizes to Rakhi for all the happening in the Janmastami celebrations. She tells Rakhi that she will forgive her for the humiliation move and not mention it again. Rakhi shows off her big house and her housekeeping staff. Anupama knows that Rakhi loves Kinjal and is worried about her future. She tells Rakhi that she had to leave her education due to her marriage and kids.

Anupama promises Rakhi that she will not let Pakhi and Kinjal suffer. She assures to let Kinjal focus on her career and not involve her in kitchen our household task. She lowers her self-sestem for Paritiosh’s sake and apologizes to Rakhi again.

Rakhi tells her that he would agree for the alliance only on one condition. Kinjal overhears Rakhi’s condition. She calls Paritosh. She tells him that she can talk to her father and convince him for the marriage, but she cannot marrry him until Rakhi garees for the marriage. She informs him that Anupama has come to meet his mother. Paritosh thinks that his mother is ruining his happiness.

Kinjal tells him now Anuapma has apologized to Rakhi. She tells him he should respect his mother’s effort for the sake of his happiness. She tells him about Rakhi’s condition which is impossible to fulfill. Paritosh gets a panic attack knowing that he will never get to marry Kinjal now.

Samar finds a cigarettes in Pakhi’s school bag and confronts her. Pakhi makes excuses. Samar tells that he will inform Anupama about this. Pakhi gets much worried. She does nt want her parents to know of her smoking habit.

Samar and Baa find Paristoh having a panic attack. Paritosh comes back home for a file. Anupama also comes back home. They both are shocked to see Paritosh and rish to him. They get to know about Kinjal’s call to him. Paritoh gets out of the his panic attack and reveals that Anupama sacrificed her self respect to apologize to Rakhi. He takes it in a negative way and blames Anupama for making things worse.

Vanraj also gets furious with Anupama’s move. Paritosh tells everyone about Rakhi’s condition that Vanraj should apologize to her. Vanraj hates Rakhi’s guts. Vanraj tells them that he would lose anything but not sacrifice his self-esteem. He tells Anupama that he will never apologize to Rakhi. Anupama tries to convince him and gets yelled at.

Vanraj gets upset that his father is not supporting him. He gets into a fight with Vanraj.

Vanraj asks Paritosh him to leave the house if he wants to marry Kinjal. Paritosh angrily decides to leave the house. Anupama tries to stop him from leaving. Vanraj stops Anupama warning her not to leave her husband’s house for sake of her son.

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