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Anupamaa 21 November 2020 Update: Anupama and Vanraj hit and miss moments at the resort

Anupamaa 21 November 20202 Written Episode: Anupama reaches Vanraj and Kavya’s room

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. Anupama and her family leave for the resort in a bus. They enjoy the time together by playing Antakshari. Baa asks Anu if she has informed Vanraj about their outing. Anu says that she has messaged him. Baa says that Vanraj will call them when he is free. Mama ji says that the resort is 9o kms away. Bapuji tries to recollects when was the last time they had been out like that. Anupama says that it was for a relative’s wedding when Pakhi was 6 or 7 years old. Baa says that even then Vanraj dodn’t join them. She realizes it was 8 years back and feels sad thinking that Kavya and Vanraj would have spent an entire week together in her bedroom.

Rakhi eagerly waits for Shah family and the big show down. Shah family reaches the resort. Anupama takes out the luggage from bus trunk. Kavya is swimming in the vicinity and enjoying juice with Vanraj. Her saree gets stuck. She frees her saree and sees a couple romancing by the pool side. She misses to see Vanraj and Kavya who are behind this couple. Anu thinks that Baa and Bapuji will feel much awkward seeing this.

Rakhi thanks baa for coming. Baa taunts her not to order bitter guard today as she is being so sweet today. The resort manager informs Rakhi that he has made tea and snacks arrangement for her guests at the pool side. Anupama says no for the pool side. Rakhi asks her why. Samar says that Baa and Bapuji will not be much comfortable.

Everyone goes to their rooms. Vanraj sees Anupama’s message and scolds her that he has gone out for 2 days and she is flying high by going on vacation by herself. She tells him that she is with the family. He asks her where are they. She is about to say Vado.. when Rakhi intentionally bumps into her and her phone falls down. Rakhi does not want her plan to fail. She spots Vanraj and Kavya coming and rushes Anu to get inside the lift.

Kinjal and Nandini share a room. Kinjal asks her to be comfortable and says that she can pay for 50% of the room rent as they are sharing the room. Nandini also says that she can move out if Kinjal wants to spend some time with Paritosh. Kinjal tells her that she can go to Samar’s room. Samar overhears this and gets much happy. Bapu ji is unbale to digest that Rakhi has become so nice all of a sudden.

Rakhi taunts Anu that she has booked a honeymoon suite for Anupama, thinking that Vanraj could also join them. Anupama looks at the room and thinks that she is living in such a big room for first time. She sheds tears but says to herself that life is teaching something new and she should learn it. She decides to find happiness in every moment.

Vanraj and Kavya’s room are closer to Anu’s room. They try to open their room and walk in. Anupamaa hears Vanraj’s voice outside. She goes out to check but finds no one. She wonders if he was there. She heard telecaller speaking in Gujrati and thinks if Vanraj is in the same resort. She thinks it is impossible.

Later, Anu feels uneasy and walks out. She happens to ring Vanraj and Kavya’s room bell. while they both think who came to disturb them.


Vanraj sings a romantic song for Kavya. His family enjoys time together in another room with loud music. He calls in the other room. He gets shocked to hear Anupama’s voice on the other side.


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