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Anupamaa 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Rupali Ganguly’s commendable acting in today’s episode is worth watching

Anupamaa 23rd October 2020 Written Episode: Anupamaa breaks down, Paakhi, Paritosh and Samar become support

Rupali Ganguly has entertained us with her acting skills though many Films and TV Shows like: Saaheb (1985), Angaara (1997), Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Sanjivani, Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi and many more. She has never disappointed her fans with her acting.

At present Rupali is playing the role of Anupama in the Star Plus’s top rated show titled ‘Anupamaa’. In this show she is playing the role of a simple and obedient housewife (homemaker).

Till now, in the last episode of the show, we saw that Anupama witnessed Vanraj’s love confession for Kavya on their 25th anniversary and fainted. Everybody in Shah house got worried seeing Anupamaa’s condition as doctor revealed that she suffered a major shock. We also saw Devika taking care of her friend Anupamaa.

Now, in today’s episode we will watch that Vanraj is very scared with what happened in the house and thus in fear imagines Anupama everywhere questioning him about his betrayal. Samar will also be seen tensed for Anupama and Nandini tries to handle him. He will praise his mother and her motherhood. In talk with Nandini he will get emotional and ask how god could be so unfair with his mother. Nandini will tell him to be strong for his mother.

On the other side Paritosh will go to Vanraj and tell him to not worry, everything will go fine as he will be there with him. Paritosh will further ask him to just tell what happened and Vanraj in order to save himself will cleverly put all blame on Kavya. Nandini will go to her home where Kavya will ask her about Anupama’s condition, Kavya words here will increase Nandini’s doubt on the former. Paritosh will once again foolishly come in his father’s words and thus assure him his support.

Kavya will get more scared that why Vanraj is not picking up her call. Vanraj after rejecting Kavya’s call goes to his to see Anupamaa where Devika in anger will stop him and once again ask him to tell what actually happened. Vanraj on seeing Anupama getting conscious will go to her, but the latter after recalling what happened in her room before will push Vanraj away. Anupama will not listen anything and in panic will try to run away from Vanraj as much as she can. Devika will try to stop her but she will push her hard and Vanraj will get the shock of his life seeing Anupama like this. On Devika’s call everybody will come and try to handle Anupama. Anupamaa’s this condition will make everyone scared and worried for her. Sanjay ji will notice and doubt that everything is happening because of Vanraj.

Seeing Anupama like this her kid’s will try to calm her and take her to Paakhi’s room. In Paakhi’s room her kids her will help her calm down. Paakhi will sing lullaby which will pacify Anupamaa for the time being. Everybody in the house will cry seeing Anupama’s condition and thus will care for her.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see everybody worried and trying to know the reason behind Anupamaa’s condition. Devika will be seen confronting Vanraj and Berate Kavya. She will warn them that if anything happens to Anupamaa she will send them Jail. This will further scare Vanraj-Kavya. Anupamaa will be seen throwing her Mangalsutra in fire.

This episode of Anupamaa is worth watching. It will show each and every actor’s excellent acting skills. This episode will make viewers cry their heart out for Anupamaa. Even Aupamaa’s rude mother-in-law and her arrogant kids (Paakhi and Paritosh) will feel bad and cry for her in today’s episode.

Stay tuned for latest news and gossips of Anupama.


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