Home TV serial spoilers Anupamaa 24th August 2020 update: Paritosh death news shocks Shah family

Anupamaa 24th August 2020 update: Paritosh death news shocks Shah family

Anupamaa written update: Big shock to rock Shah Family

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Star Plus). It would be seen that Paritosh goes to Kinjal’s house. He tells Kinjal’s mother Rakhi that he has left his family for the sake of his love. He tells Rakhi that Vanraj will never agree to her condition. He requests Rakhi to accept Kinjal and his alliance.

Rakhi tells Paritosh that she likes him but he will have to become their ghar jamai, if he wants to marry Kinjal. Paritosh agrees to her condition and stays in Dave house.

Vanraj misses Toshi a lot and shares his sorrow with Anupama. He tells her that he loved Paritosh a lot, for being their first child and making him a father. He is shattered that Toshi left them for sake of a girl.

Vanraj says that he would have fulfilled Paritosh’s wishes, but he should have given him sometime. He tries to call Toshi, but his switched off. Anupama also misses Toshi and the two share tears of sorrow and they remember Paritoh’s childhood memories. Anupama assures Vanraj that Paritosh know the worth of family and come back.

Vanraj misses Toshi while dining with the family. He is unbale to eat as he misses Toshi and leaves. Paritosh waits for Kinjal and family for dinner. Rakhi informs him that they do not dine together to avoid the unnecessary waiting. Paritosh misses his family and Anupama’s food. He feels very lonely in Kinjal’s huge house. Samar and Pakhi also miss Paritosh a lot.

Paristosh gets out of Kinjal’s house for a walk as he is unbale to sleep. Anupama and Vanraj get shocking news about Paritosh’s death and accident.

What will happen next? Is Paritosh really dead?

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