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Anupamaa 25 August 2020 update: Rakhi informs Vanraj that Paritosh is ready to be their Ghar Jamai

Anupamaa latest news: Vanraj declares paritosh to be dead for him

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Anupama and Vanraj are unable to sleep thinking about Paritosh’s whereabouts. Paritosh wishes Toshi to come back home rather that asking help from a friend. They are unaware that Tohi is staying in Kinjal’s house.

Vanraj makes excuse of work and stay up in the hall waiting for Toshi’s comeback. Anuapma also comes out making an excuse for Kicthen wok at waits a the entrance for Toshi. Vanraaj tries to call Toshi but is unabale to reach him. Paristoh is nearby house. He wishes to meet his family but steps back thinking about his father’s anger. Vanraj nearly misses to see him.

Vanraj loses his hopes of Toshi’s comeback and goes back to his room. Anupama gets a nightmare that the cops have come home to inform about Toshi’s death and accident. She shouts out loudly for Toshi in her dreams. She wakes up. She does not want any bad thoughts to come in her mind and prays that Toshi is fine, wherever he is.

She goes to Toshi’s room and sees Pakhi there. Samar sees his mom in pain and comforts her. He gets to know of her nightmare and consoles her.

Nest day, Vanraj remains sad and upset and doe snot talk to anyone. Anupam takes care of the family while being hopeful about Toshi’s return. Anupama meets Baa and takes guidance from her. Baa tells her story of Kanha and Narad’s story about not losing faith. Anuapma does not want to lose faith and wishes that Toshi will be back soon.

Rakhi comes to Shah house and informs Vanraj that Paritosh has agreed to marry Kinjal and become a Ghar jamai. She tells that paritoh will be living with Dave family all his life.

Vanraj and Anupama get a big shock. Vanraj gets much upset and declares Paritosh dead for the family. He does not want a son, who cannot keep his parents’ respect.

Rakhi is much happy with her win and break Shah family. Anupama decides to get Paritosh back from Rakhi’s place.

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