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Anupamaa 26 August 2020 update: Vanraj oust Anupama and Paritosh from the house

Anupamaa latest news: Vanraj declares Paritosh is dead for him now

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. It would be seen that Pakhi covers up her smoking habit in front of Anupama. She says that the packet belongs to her friend who wants to trouble her.

Anupam shows her trust on Pakhi and says that she is sure that her daughter will never let her down. She asks Pakhi not to hide anything from and she can share everything with her. Pakhi says she does not want to go to school. Vanraj too does not feel like going to work as he misses Toshi a lot.

Anupama tells Vanraj that Toshi will come back, its her faith, Baa has given her hopes and now she has no worries. She comforts Vanraj, knowing that he is much hurt as a father.

Rakhi comes in her car and meets Shah family. She wants to answer back Vanraj with a solid slap on his face with her words. Vanraj and Anupama are shocked to see her. She informs them that Paritosh had come to their house last night to take shelter. She says how he had apologized to her and begged to marry Kinjal. She reminds Anupama that she was ready for Paritosh and Kinjal’s alliance provided Vanraj apologizes to her. She says that it would not be required any more as their son is much smarter.

Rakhi tells them Paritoh has agreed to marry Kinjal and become a ghar jamai. Vanraj is much furious with Paritosh’s decision. Rakhi says that Paritosh didn’t think twice, and agreed to her condition. She asks them to accept Paritosh’s decision and leeaves.

Vanraj declares that Paritosh is dead for the family, since Paritosh has ended their relations. Baa and Anupama are much shattered with his declaration. Baa asks Anupama how will they handle the situation. Anupama asks her to have faith, Vanraj always shows anger, not his love, he would also want his son back.

Anupama decides to bring Paritosh back home and leaves. Kinjal’s father Pramod talks to Toshi and tells him how he made a mistake of becoming a Ghar Jamai when he married Rakhi and asks him to think twice.

Rakhi hears this and asks Pramod not create problems for Kinjal and Paritosh,. She reminds him how he got everything after marrying her. She gets much egoistic and wants to snatch Paritosh from his family.

Vanrak meets Kavya. She tries to cheer him up but he doesn’t like to spend time. Vanraj is much sad thinking about his family. Kavya gets upset. He tells her that he can’t leave his family for her sake. She leaves.

Baa worries about Vanraj’s reaction if he gets to know that Anupama has gone to bring back Paritosh. Anupama meets Paritosh at Dave house. She tries put some sense in his mind. She tells that Toshi that he can respect Kinjal’s parents, but cannot abandon his own parents. Paritosh’s heart melts with her emotional speech.

Rakhi comes between them and reminds Anupama how she has come between Kinjal and her. She doesn’t want Paritosh to leave. Anupama acts strong and warns Rakhi to stay away from them. She promises to get Paritosh and Kinjal married.

She convinces Paritosh to come back hom. However, they get a big shock when Vanraj stops them from entering inside the house. Vanraj is hurt that Anupama lowered his esteem once again. He ousts Paritosh and Anupama from the house.

What will happen next? Will Vanraj leave his anger? We will have to wait and watch!

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