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Anupamaa 27 Augsut 2020 update: Sanjay find out about Vanraj and Kavya affair

Anupamaa serial latest news: Paritosh apologizes to Vanraj and Anupama

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. It would be seen that Rakhi tells Anupamaa she does not want Kinjal to stay with her in-laws after marriage with Paritosh. She does not want her daughter to become an illiterate like Anupama and ruin her career. She does not want Kinjal to end up a round the clock servant just like Anupama.

Paritosh feels bad and realizes that he has never respected his mother and Rakhi has observed it is just one day. Anuapma tells Rakhi that she considers Kinjal as her daughter and has already promised her that Kinjal will not be burdened with household chores and will be free to pursue studies and do a job to build her career. She asks her to think of Kinja;s happiness. Rakhi thinks that Kinjal does not have the sense to understand what is right or wrong for her. She takes out her anger on Anupama. Samar is unable to take his mother’s insult and asks Rakhi to watch her words. Anupama tells Samar not to come in between two elders. Paritsoh also thinks to break his silence seeing his mother’s clam way to handle the situation.

Anupama tells Rakhi that ego and happiness do not go hand in hand and she should keep her ego aside for her family. She suggests her to not to scare her children and make them string enough to face difficulties in life while supporting them. She asks her not to be protective and not restrict them. She asks her to let Paritosh and Kinjal decide for their lives.

Rakhi asks Paritosh to ask his mother to leave. Paritosh remains silent. Anuapma says that she has come to take her son back home and leaves with him. Vanraj comes back home. He cries in the car thinking about Paritosh. He wipes his tears and enters home. He inquires Baa about Anupama. Baa is tensed to tell him anything. He sees Anuapma with Paritosh at the door and stops them from entering in the house.

He blames them for crossing limits and humiliating him once again. He tells Anuapma and Toshi that they both have no place in the house. Anupama tells Vanraj that everyone can see his anger but she knows the pain behind it. She tells Vanraj that she only wanted ease out his pain and bring back their son.

Anupama makes Paritih realize that he has hurt his father a lot as she reminds him of their father-son bonding. Paritosh apologizes to Vanraj and hugs him. Vanraj melts his heart, but still holds anger. He wants Toshi to win his trust back. Vanraj gets thankful to Anupama for bringing their son back.

Baa asks about Anupama, if Rakhi has agreed for the marriage. Anupama tells Baa not to worry about Rakhi and they should enjoy their family being together again. Baa realizes Anupama’s strength as a mother. Samar and Pakhi are happy too. Anupama is happy to see hr kids together.

Paristoh says sorry to Anupama. She forgives him and assures him that she will get him married to Kinjal.

Vanraj’s brother in law Sanjay finds out about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. He wants to inform Anupama, but is afraid to break her heart. Will Sanjay expose Vanraj? We will have to wait and watch!

Keep reading this space for latest news and spoilers of Anupama.


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