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Anupamaa 30 September 2020 Written Update: Anupama slaps Rakhi’s guest Siddharth

Anupamaa 30 September 2020 Written Episode: Anupama slaps Pakhi’s stalker

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Pakhi gets scared as she gets a message from her college friend who is stalking her. She does not want to inform the family as ruin Paritosh’s special day. Anupama asks Pakhi whats the matter but Baa calls her for work.

Anupama requests Kavya to be with Pakhi. Kavya asks her whats the matter. Anupama tells her that Pakhi is unwell. Pakhi gets scared when she sees the guy at the venue. Rakhi makes Anupama meet her special guests. She introduces Vanraj and Anupama to her guest and gets humiliating them with her taunts for booking a small venue for engagement. Vanraj tells her that small place can also give them big happiness. She makes them meet Siddharth, her friend’s son. They get to know that Siddharth and Pakhi study in the same school. Rakhi again taunts them for sending Pakhi to a costly school.

Vanraj tells Rakhi that parents don’t compromise with children’s future. Rakhi does not want to compromise with Kinjal’s future either. She tells Vanraj o treat her guests well. Vanjraj gets irked and tells her that she does not have to tell him how to treat the guests.

Anupama checks with Pakhi about the guy. Samar assures her to bash up the guy if he comes. Samar and Nandini makes special announcement and introduce a new couple Anuraj for dancing. Its none other that Anupama and Vanraj. Everyone is happy. Vanraj tells that he didn’t practice on the song which is playing now. Vanraj and Anupama give a rocking dance performance. Kava gets jealous while Rakhi finds the celebrations to be too loud. Paritosh and Kinjal join Anupama on the dance floor. Sanjay calls Anuraj to be the best couple.

The guy reaches Pakhi and scares her again. Samar finds Nandini’s earrings and imagines a romantic moment with her. Nandini takes the earrings from him. Pakhi goes to the washroom. Anupam wants to go with her but Vanraj takes her way to talk to his relative on call. Jhilmil goes with Pakhi.

Vanraj meets Kavya and tells her that they would go on holiday trip together after Paritosh’s engagement. Kavya is fed up of his family moments. She does not want a holiday treat but wants him to name their relationship. Vanraj is also tired of his drama with Anupama. He asks her to understand his situation. Rakhi sees Vanraj and Kavya together and wants to know whats going on between them.

Pakhi’s school mate Siddharth, the same guy Rakhi introduced to Anupama, tries to trouble Pakhi further in the washroom. Anupama reaches in time and slaps the guy.

What will happen next? Will Anupama expose Siddharth? How will Rakhi react?  We will have to wait and watch!

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