Home TV serial spoilers Anupamaa 31 August 2020 update: Paritosh attempts suicide

Anupamaa 31 August 2020 update: Paritosh attempts suicide

Anupamaa latest news: Kavya gets big realization with Pakhi’s comments

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. It would be seen that Vanraj comes back home after having a walk. He tells Anupama that he had to tale a walk due to overeating. She tries to tell him that Pakhi is much upset after being scolded by him. She wants to tell him not to talk to Pakhi angrily but explain her.

Anupama asks him to allow Pakhi to bring her male friends home, just like he is friends with Kavya. Vanraj gets offended with her argument. He tells her that he will not tolerate his children’s bad behavior. Anuapma tells him that we can give kids freedom but limit their behavior. He agrees to her. However, he warns not to spoil the children else he will spare her. Anupama plans to talk to him about Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage alliance but finds him much angry and decides to talk to him later.

At the same time, Paritosh feels that Anupama has cheated him by bringing him back home only to satisfy Vanraj’s ego. He loses hopes of getting married to Kinjal. He vents out his anger to Samar who tells him to trust Anupama. Vanraj tells him that he would end his life if cannot marry Kinjal. Samar worries about Toshi.

Further, Vanraj tries to talk to Pakhi but fails. Anupama talks to him about meeting Rakhi and Pramod for Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage. Vanraj demands that Rakhi has to come to their house for fixing the marriage. Toshi hears it and gets upset with Vanraj. He knows that he cannot marry Kinjal with Vanraj’s demand. He blames Anupamaa for ruining his life and gets out of the house. Vanraj gets furious listening to Toshi’s comments and blames Anupama too. Baa also blames Anuapma for the fight between Vanraj and Toshi.

Samar comforts Anupamaa as she is much broken. She tells her about Toshi’s depressing state. Anupama recollects her bad dream about Toshi’s accident and death. She asks Samar to go look for Toshi. Pakhi sees Anuapmaa worried for Toshi and blames her for being partial towards her sons and not love her enough. She blames Anupama of having failed to be a good mother and gets rude towards her.

Kavya enters the house and reprimands Pakhi for disrespecting her mother. She reminds her not to talk rudely to her elders. She asks Pakhi to apologize to Anupama. Pakhi asks Kavya to make explain Vanraj and Baa that friends can come home, being friends doesn’t mean that there is an affair. She gives Kavay her own example of being a good friend to Vanraj and not having an affair. Kavya gets shocked with Pakhi’s comments. She feels guilty as Pakhi shows her a mirror.

Further, Shah family gets a big shock as Paritosh attempts suicide by consuming sleeping pills. Vanraj blames Anupama and warns her. She assures to talk to Toshi and trust her as a mother, if not as a wife.

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