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Anupamma 10 August 2020 update: Devika tells about Anupama’s past

Anupamaa latest news: Devika tells Anupama’s family about her childhood times

Here’s what will happen in today’s (10.08.2020) episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. It would be seen that Kavya’s ex-husband ruins Vanraj and Kavya’s moment. He asks her for house keys. Kavya tells him that she will drop him. Vanrajs stops her asking her to attend the office meeting. Anirudh decides to wait until the meeting is over.

Anupama’s childhood friend comes to her home. She surprises Anupama and asks to meet her family. Anupama gets tensed about Vanraj being upset after seeing Devika at their home. She does not want any issues in the family. She doesn’t want Baa or Vanraj to insult Devika. Devika meets Anupama’s children and tells them how she awlays talks about her family. She sportingly takes Baa’s taunts.

Vanraj gets jealous seeing Anirudh with Kavya. Anirudh makes sure that he grows Vanraj much jealous. Kavya warns Anirudh as she knows that Anirudh is trying to ruin her relation with Vanraj. She makes it clear to him that Vanraj is her present and she wants to focus on him.

Vanraj comes home and meets Devika. He does not show his anger in order to maintain his good image. Devika praises Vanraj of being a good husband and tells him how her husband cheated her with his secretary. She asks Vanraj for his permission to spend a night with Devika. Vanraj agrees but later vents out his anger on  Anupama for not breaking her ties with her friend. Anupama assures him to make Devika leave soon. He tells her not to do so as it would damage his image.

Samar tells Anupama to forget everything for sometime and spend good time with her friend. Devika spends time with Anupama’s children. She gets to know that Vanraj does not respect Anupama. She tells Anupama’s children how Anupama didn’t like to cook food and was very good in her studies. She tells that Anupama was a topper in school.

Anupam’s children are happy to know surprising things about their mother. Devika also tells about Anupama’s dancing skills. Anupama dances with them and gets appreaciated.

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