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Badtameez Dil 23 September 2015 Written Episode, Update

Star Plus Serial Badtameez Dil 23 September 2015 Written Update (WU), Latest Story

Today’s (23.09.2015) episode starts with Abeer receiving a message from Meher saying sorry but Abeer is not happy and shows the message to Nissar. Nissar also takes Meher’s side and tells that she has to cope up with so many things and try to understand her also.

Abeer gets more angry and messages her that she only cares for her work and nothing more. Reading this message she calls him back but he does not receive it and instead sends her a message saying that not to waste time on him and keep it up with impressing my dad only.Abeer then switches his phone and starts drinking again.

Next morning when Abeer reaches home he realizes that it is Meher’s birthday tomorrow and then sees a note from Meher saying him to have breakfast.He realizes his mistake and calls up Nissar and tells him that he has to make it up to Meher and its going to be her first birthday after marriage so tells him to give his house so he could surprise her with a party. Nissar agrees to it.

Kuber shows to Taiji the bank statement of Abeer’s bill and tells that he has spent 12 lakhs to arrange for Meher’s birthday paty and has also ordered a diamond set for her.Taiji tells not to worry as Meher herself will stop him.

When Meher comes home she asks for Abber the servants tell him that he is not home .She then calls him but he doesnt answer her calls. Taiji then calls for Meher  and tells her that she is more understanding when it comes to money matters than Abeer. Taiji then tells her about Abeer spending 12 lakhs for a party. Taiji then asks her whether it is right to spend so much and tells her that we have lots of money but we want Abeer to understand the value of it.

She tells that we want him to be more responsible as you also work now and you know how things go about. Taiji tells her that Kuber also told her that Abber bought expensive diamond necklace and it will be for you only, so tell me whether you will like Abeer to buy gift for you from his own money or his dad’s. They tell Meher that hope she will discuss with Abeer about this and make him understand, she just nods and leaves from there.

Meher goes to her room and thinks about their words, she gets upset and calls Abeer but he does not pick up her calls Meher then talks to herself that she is missing him so much and that everyone misunderstands him and she knows that he is capable and can make his own identity as I cannot see them talking ill about you.

Abeer then calls for Meher and she asks where he was all this time Abeer tells her sorry and tells her to come with him. Meher replies that she knows where he is planning to take her but why he spent so much money in it. Abeer thinks that Nissar told her about it. Meher shows him the bank statement to which he asks whether she is spying on him or his dad give it to her.

Meher tells him that it is not good to spend so much money and now we are married. Abeer tells that I cannot take money from my dad also.Meher tells him that if we spend it we should spend from our pocket money.

Abeer then remember’s Taiji’s words of taking money from her purse and gets angry and tells Meher that so now you are trying to show that you have a job and I am useless. Meher tells that you are taking me wrong. Abeer tells that do not forget that you have got this job because of me only and asks her whether she is ashamed of her. Abeer then tells Meher that Love is not enough for you and leaves from there.

Abeer goes to Nissar house and removes all the arrangements, Meher comes over there and tells him to stop. Abeer does not reply and tells Nissar to tell her to go and work as her husband is jobless. Abeer burns all the gifts and she tells him that she loves him and to understand. Abeer takes Meher out of door and locks himself in, Meher bangs door saying sorry, Abeer says Nissar go drop her home go, Nissar says ok I will get wallet goes to his room and gives a call to Kuber.

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