Home TV Badtameez Dil   25 September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update

Badtameez Dil   25 September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus Serial Badtameez Dil  25  September 2015 Written update (WU), Latest Story

Today’s (25.09.2015) starts with Kuber talking to Meher about Abeer and telling him that his ego has got hurt seeing your progress. Meher tells that he is not like that and if due to my work  it affects my relation then i cannot do it. And if she has to choose between her job and Abeer then she will choose Abeer. He comes and tells not to behave like some sacrifice women from olden days.

Abeer asks why are you doing this have i ever told you to leave the job then why you want to prove to my dad that now i feel bad for my wife’s progress also. Why you want to create more problem between me and my dad.

Meher asks Abeer what i have done that you dont like to talk to me also, but Abeer leaves from there. Meher starts crying and talks to herself and tells that she knows that Abeer will never come in between her ambition and suddenly feels sick. Taiji goes to see her in the room and tells her why are you feeling like puking are you pregnant and goes to call the doctor.

Abeer is with Nissar and Nissar tells that it is hardly been few days and you have already started fighting, may be you should think for yourself whether you truely love her and it is better you take a divorce. Listening to this Abeer tells that he loves Meher and will love her till end.But Nissar further instigates him by telling that she knew that Abeer is not a husband material and his friends accepted him as he is then why does she want to change him now.

Doctor is checking Meher and tells that only when the reports come we can confirm but till the time she should rest properly.Nissar tells that in marriage this happens and i feel that you married very early.Abeer gets Meher’s call but he does not pick up the phone.Nissar keeps on blaming Meher that from the time she has come she wants to change you. Meher again gives a call to Abeer but he angrily throws away the phone.

Madhavi tells Meher that everything will be alright.Meher tells that he does not even pick up my call how will everything get solved if he does not speak to me. Madhavi tells her to have faith in her love and not to get scared.When Abeer comes home Taiji tells that Meher has not had her food yet and is not well, and now you are going to be dad soon in such a small age. She further adds that now you have to join business as you have to take up responsibilities now and leave all this partying and what we could not do it Meher has done through this.

Meher is waiting for Abeer in the room when he comes he asks whether she is pregnant and starts shouting at her that he is not ready for this and he cannot become a father so soon. She tells that you will react like this if i become pregnant but Abeer tells Taiji’s words that you have made a full proof plan and have come, first wedding now kids and this is a good way to trap me to join business. Abeer tells he is not ready his full carrier is left behind and cannot leave it.Angrily he tells Meher that it would be better if they got seperated.Listening to this Meher breaks down and tells him to stop and not to say such things but he has made up his mind and leaves from there.

Meher runs behind him and taiji asks that what happened she tells that Abeer has left and gone somewhere.But Madhavi comes and tells do not say like that he is angry that is why and just a fight does not break any relation.Meher tells that he spoke to me as if i am no one for him and was not ready to accept our relation and cries on Madhavi’s shoulder.

Taiji tells that she did not know that Abeer is like this and Madhavi gets a call from Abeer but Meher takes it and Abeer is telling that he is going to Singapore far away from this place and she hears it and is shocked.Hearing this Taiji is happy.


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