Badtameez Dil 26 September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus Serial Badtameez Dil  26 September 2015 Written update (WU), Latest Story

Today’s (26.09.2015) episode begins with Taiji consoling Meher and telling about Abeer’s behaviour.Madhavi gets Abeer’s call but Meher picks it up and she hears that he is going to Singapore and wants to leave everything behind and go from there. Meher gets shocked listening to this.

The flashback ends and Abeer is in the hospital with Meher and tells that he regrets his decision of going to Singapore and should have solved the problem instead of going from there .Abeer tells Meher to say I love you and then the doctor comes and tells that Meher’s report has come normal and she can become well fast. Abeer thanks him but the doctor tells with medicine his prayers have been answered.Abeer tells to Meher that now too much sympathy she has got now so she should stop all this and wake up and that his stomach is also upset from having the hospital food. He leaves the room.

Tinnu comes getting coffee and Abeer tells him the good news and to inform this mom and bua.Taiji gets tea for Kuber and tells tha she got Abeer’s call that she is recovering and so she went to hospital. Kuber and taiji are discussing that what will happen if she becomes well then we will fall into trouble.So if she dies in the hospital only then Abeer will cry for sometime but then after some months will forget about it.Kuber and Taiji discuss how to go about with this plan by bribing the nurse or peons or even the ventilator can get spoiled.But Kuber asked how should we go about so the blame does not come on us.

Taiji tells that the person who had helped us earlier also when separating Abeer and Meher.Kuber comes to Nisaar and gives money to him so he asks you still want me to work for you now, that time i had my reasons but not now.Kuber tells that then i will have to tell Abeer about you and that how you helped me in it and you had the biggest hand in it. Kuber then tells that if Abeer comes to know he will destroy your life and tries to make him feel guilty.

Nisaar then asks what he is supposed to do now and Kuber tells that he has to switch off Meher’s ventilator,Nissar gets shocked and tells do you understand what you are telling, it will be a murder and then investigation and inquire will go on, so if i get caught. Kuber tells that is my responsibility and then you will directly go to airport from there.He wishes Nissar best of luck and leaves from there.

Abeer is next to Meher and is wiping her hands  and remembers there good times spent with each other. Nissar comes to the hospital and remembers how he had told things against Meher. Abeer then comes out and tells the nurse that he is going out to get some water and to take care of Meher, seeing this Nissar comes out from his hiding spot and goes in her room where he  remembers about Meher and his relationship and cries and tells her sorry that i have spoilt everything and he does not want to do it. But Kuber has told me to do it and have no choice and also remembers Kuber’s words about telling it to Abeer. But suddenly it starts beeping and he does not know what has happened and the nurse hears the beep and comes and calls the doctor Nissar hides from there. Bua and Suman also comes there.Abeer has forgotten his wallet and then again goes to the room to get it back and sees the commotion.



Bua shouts at Abeer and tells him why he again came back in Meher’s life.

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