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Badtameez Dil Written Episode 05 September 2015

Star Plus Badtameez Dil Written Update (WU), Latest Story

Today’s (04.09.2015) Star Plus “Badtameez Dil” episode starts with  flashback where Abeer tells Taiji that the girl he loves is Meher who is from Bhopal.

Taiji tells him to call her family to there place. Abeer is happy and thanks her.

Taiji asks madhvi to get her soup and walks to Kuber. Kuber says why did u agree to Abeer,Taiji says u are such a big business man you should know your advantages, see Meher is new like a wet soil mold her as u wish so its a good news for us.

Taiji finds out the maid talking over the phone while cleaning her room. Maid says sorry, Taiji smiles and says no its fine go talk on phone this is what you are paid for. taiji says see from tomorrow you can talk whole day on phone as u will not be working here anymore and tells her to leave. The maid says sorry and asks for a chance, taiji says leave or else i will call security. Maid leaves.

Abeer on phone says meher we are all ready for u, Meher says Abeer why so much why, Abeer says see i can see sweets here i will go taste it.

Meher says Abeer listen to me, actually Maa and Bua will be late, abeer asks why aren’t u coming, Mehar says i cant and u know all this is so unbelievable like a dream.

Abeer laughs, Meher says all will be fine right, abeer says relax all will be good, see u know i love u but do u love me, meher asks is there anyone around u, Abeer says no, Meher says ok close ur eyes and kisses on phone n says bye.

Bua and Suman reach Abeer’s house, madhvi welcomes them, Abeer takes their blessings and welcomes them too.

Light goes off, Abeer says u didn’t bring meher so light went off, Madhvi says i am so sorry about lights come sit and asks servants to get candles.

Madhvi says Abeers dad will join us soon he is little busy and I  am sorry about Abeer he came just like that to your house. Suman says Abeer is very sweet why will we feel bad abt it, Abeer says see.

Taiji walks down the stairs, Madhavi offers Bua and Suman tea, Taiji hears Devkis voice and says i heard this voice somewhere, lights come and seeing Suman n Bua, Taiji gets shocked.

Abeer says oh Taiji is here,Taiji steps back, Abeer says Taiji come join us, Taiji goes back to her room.

Abeer goes behind her, Taiji locks her room and remembers a scene where Taijis husband kills a vegetable vendor and Bua sees him doing so, Taijis drunk husband gets off the car and goes back to his car and tries to run away, people around catch him.

In court Kuber tells taiji he has bribed all the people and her husband says now i will take care here Kuber you go to Mumbai. Kuber says ok you take care and leaves.

Bua comes to court and says i have seen this man driving that car, he was drunk , judge asks how are u so sure, Bua says bcoz before he dashed that vendor he was abot to dash me but i moved away so got saved.

Bua tells the whole scene to court and court declares Taijis husband guilty and announces 5 yrs imprisonment.
Taiji in her room says bcoz of Devki my husband had to go jail, i will not let this marriage take place.

Abeer knocks Taijis door, Taiji opens the door, Abeer asks what happened why did u come up suddenly are u fine, Taiji says i forgot medicines so came to have them, Abeer says then lets go down, Taiji says Abeer you love that girl a lot you cant live without her right.

Abeer says no i wont i need Meher, Taiji says ok then i will decide everything n you go to your room, you trust your Taiji right, Abeer says ok no worries and leaves.
Abeer calls Meher and tells her what all happened, Abeer says you are dying to marry right, Meher says Abeer you will never understand, Abeer says ok one more kiss, Mehar says shut up, i would kiss u if u were in  front, Abeer says really, Meher says listen one thing, i am missing u a lot, any idea what they must be discussing.


Taiji tells Kuber that Meher’s Bua Devki is that girl who put your brother behind bars.




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