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Badtameez Dil Written Episode 09 September 2015

Star Plus Badtameez Dil Written Update (WU), Latest Story

Today’s (09.09.2015) Star Plus “Badtameez Dil” episode starts with Meher unable to sleep thinking about the marriage list ans Suman and Bua’s worried faces. She looks at them sleeping and recalls Abeer’s words that he will always take care of her and the family.She then decides to call Abeer and tells him to meet outside.

Meher meets with Abeer and tells him that i know your family demands is not that much but my mother and Bua have struggled a lot and they cannot meet with all these needs.Abeer is clueless about what Meher is saying and asks her about it.She says that in love we forgot about the status differences but…., listening to this Abeer gets angry and removes his engagement ring and tells her that this is what you want then fine lets break up and even removes Meher’s ring from her finger. He tells that now you are feeling bad but what is the point this is what you wanted.Abeer puts back the ring and says that just the thought of this you are crying but if we actually break then what.Meher cries and hugs Abeer.

Meher says that what will we do now,Abeer replies that i will talk to taiji to which Meher refuses and says that Taiji has specifically told not to involve us so you cannot do this.Finding no other way Meher leaves from there.

Taiji is waiting in the house awaiting for the good news of the wedding to get cancelled, but is disappointed as no such news come.Madhavi comes and says that Meher’s family has arranged the shagun so well, Taiji says what is good in it then to cover up her mistake she says that i was thinking about something else.

Taiji then goes in Kuber’s room and Kuber is irritated with all the decorations and the work that is going on in the house.

Abeer then comes in the house and announces that he wants to stop the wedding and that he needs some time to think about it. Taiji and kuber seem very happy but Madhavi tells Abeer to think again and and ask him whether he had a fight with Meher.Madhavi tries to ask Abeer for some reason but Taiji interferes and tells Madhavi that you are Abeer’s mother or Meher.

When Abeer leaves Taiji tells Madhavi that good that he wants time to think because he is too young and he wants to get married so early but Madhavi tries to argue but taiji stops her and tells her to give some cold milk for acidity.

Kuber and Taiji are very happy and say that Abeer has made our work very easy and now we will completely destroy the wedding.

In the meanwhile Meher is not able to sleep after her meeting with Abeer. Taiji then decides to call Suman and informs her that Abeer has told them to postpone the wedding date. Suman gets shocked listening to this news . As Meher is just pretending to sleep she also hears the conversation and is heart broken with this news. Taiji further apologises and says that Abeer has not left us with any choice and she feels ashamed to inform her but as she is the elder in the family she had to inform her but it is not taiji’s  decision to take and keeps the phone.

The Next morning Madhavi comes at Sumans place and ask whether Abeer and Meher had a fight, to which she replies no. Meher then comes and asks Madhavi about Abeer’s whereabouts. She replies that he is with Nisaar, but Meher denies and says that she just spoke with Nisaar and he is not with him.Meher breaks down in front of everyone and they are worried why Abeer has taken such a decision and where he can be.

At that time Sasha comes and is very tensed, Meher ask where is Abber to which she informs Meher that Abeer has met with an accident. Everyone gets shocked.



Taiji tells all the servants to stop the wedding work and asks where Madhavi is, to which they reply that she left early in the morning and Abeer has also not come home in the night.Taiji thinks that Madhavi and Abeer together are upto something.



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