Bahu Begum spoiler: Noor attempts to kill herself

Bahu Begum serial latest news and upcoming twists

In the ongoing track of Colors newly launched show Bahu Begum we have seen that Noor (Samiksha Jaiswal) has turned negative after her mother Yasmin and would be husband Faiz’s dearth.

Noor blames Shayra (Diana Khan) to be responsible for Yasmin and Faiz’s death. Now, in the coming episodes, we will have to gear up for more high voltage drama in the show as Noor will compel Shayra to force Azaan (Arjit Taneja) into marrying her.

It would be seen that Surayya continues to provoke Noor against Razia, Azaan and Shayra. Noor comes to the terrace of the dargah and aims knife at Shayra. She tells Shayra that you have done two murders in God’s view and says the third murder will be not on my head, but on your head. Shayra is shocked. Noor tries to stab the knife in her stomach. Shayra is much shocked and tries to stop Noor from taking a wrong step. Noor tries to commit suicide to end her life and to make Shayra guilty of her death. Azaan reaches there and stops Noor.

Further, Noor digs her own grave and forces Shayra to kill her and bury her in the grave. She asks Shayra to give up her rights on her husband Azaan. Noor gives Shayra two days time to decide if she will give Azaan to her, or take Noor’s life and bury her in the grave. Shayra is in a big dilemma. Noor would want to marry Azaan and become the next Bahu Begum of Bhopal.

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