Bahu Begum Update: Noor demands to become the next Bahu Begum of Bhopal

Bahu Begum latest news and upcoming story

The viewers of Colors new show Bahu Begum are viewing some high voltage drama in the ongoing episodes with Noor’s (Samiksha Jaiswal) mother Yasmin and would be husband Faiz’s death.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Noor turns negative with her mother Yasmeen’s death. She blames Shayra (Diana Khan) to be responsible for Yasmin’s death. She accuses Razia and Azaan (Arjit Taneja) of supporting her. She does not allow them to will attend the funeral of Yasmeen.

Noor tells Razia that if she wants to attend the funeral that she has to pay the rights of her friends. She asks Razia to promise that she will get her Ammi’s murderer punished. She wants Shayra to be punished. Razia, Azaan, and Shayra are shocked with her. Further, Noor goes to the extent of getting Shayra arrested for her mother and Faiz’s murder. Azaan tries to explain Noor but fails. Noor keeps her conditions in front of Azaan and Shayra. She wants to marry Azaan to become Bhopal’s next Bahu Begum and take away all the title rights from Shayra. Azaan gets helpless to agree to Noor in order to save Shayra.

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