Bahu Begum update: Noor Tawaif avatar drama next

Bahu Begum latest news and upcoming story

The makers of Colors popular serial Bahu Begum are entertaining the viewers with interesting twists and turns in the story line. In the coming episodes, viewers will have to gear up for high voltage drama as Noor (Samiksha Jaiswal) shocks everyone with her big move.

It would be seen that Razia gets trapped in a chest and manages to save her life and come out of it. Shayra (Diana Khan) asks Razia about the incident and asks her who tried to kill her. Ghazala tells Azaan (Arjit Taneja) that Shayra and Razia are her enemies and how can they blame her. She tries to gain Azaan’s sympathy who respects her a lot and has lot of faith in his grandmother.

Ghazala wants to break Razai’s courage while Razai does not want old wounds to come out. Razia asks Shayra to hide the matter. Azaan gets upset with Shayra for not respecting his grandmother. He tells Noor and Shayra not to have any doubts on Ghazala. Later, he apologizes to Shayra for shouting at her.

Soon, it will be revealed that Ghazala and Noor have joined hands against Razia and Azaan. Azaan and Shayra will get a big shock as Noor turns into a Tawaif during the upcoming party track. Azaan asks her the need for choosing such a costume character in the party. Ghazala plan to turn Noor against Azaan.

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