Bahu Begum update: Razia fixes Noor and Khalid marriage

Bahu Begum latest news and upcoming twists

In the ongoing track of Colors TV popular show Bahu Begum, we have seen that Noor (Samiksha Jasiwal) wants to snatch Shayra’s (Diana Khan) happiness. She wants punish Shayra as she holds her responsible for her mother Yasmeen and would be husband Faiz’s death. Noor compels Shayra to divorce Azaan (Arjit Taneja) and get him married to her. She goes to the extent of threatening to kill herself if Shayra does not agree with her condition in two days time. Noor tells Shayra that she will be held responsible for her death too.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Noor will again blackmail Shayra by proposing her marriage with Khalid before Razia.

Razia will agree and fix Noor and Khalid’s marriage. Razia says that the marriage will happen tomorrow. Shayra knows that Kahild is not the right guyr for Noor and does not Noor to ruin her life with Khalid. She talks to Noor and asks her to think again. Noor tells her though you have not given me Azaan, you have given me a good gift. Shayra asks what gift I gave you. Noor cries and says her that you have ruined my life. Shayra gets compelled to agree to Noor’s condition for the promise she made to Noor’s mom Yasmin. Shayra is shattered and thinks of how to convince Azaan to marry Noor.

As per reports, Shayra will ask Noor as her Mahr and force Azaan to marry Noor. Also, Noor would want to become the next Bahu Begum of Bhopal after marrying Azaan.

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