Bahu Humari Rajnikant Gossips – Shiny Doshi aka Samaira quits the show

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Here’s latest buzz from the sets of Life OK’s most popular show “Bahu Hamari Rajnikant”.

According to a latest report, TV actress Shiny Doshi who recently made an entry in the show as Samaria, Shaan’s (Karan v Grover) ex girlfriend has decided to quit the show.

The reports stated that the reason behind Shiny’s exit from the show is that she seemed to be unhappy with her track. 

Talking about her decision to leave the show, Shiny shared “It was supposed to be a triangle where I was the other woman in the lead actor’s life. But my character was not developed well and there was no scope for improvement either. There was no challenge while performing any scene. And then suddenly a decision was taken to turn the character negative. So, I have decided to quit the show.”

Shiny’s track will end soon and the show will once again focus on lead actors Shaan and Rajni (Ridhima pandit) whose onscreen chemistry has been loved by the fans!
Talking about the same, lead actor Karan shared, “Rajni and Shaan have always shared a great chemistry, so that was not the only reason for Shiny’s track to end. Shiny is a good actress but there was not much drama in this track and maybe that’s why the ratings dipped.”  

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