Barun Sobti and Kritika Kamra short film ‘Dry Dreams’ sends a strong message

Television’s two most popular faces Barun Sobti and Kritika Kamra have come together for a short film “Dry Dreams ” that sends out a strong message “SAVE WATER, SAVE YOURSELF”.

The 5 min 31 secs short-film is helmed by Hanish Kalia.

Well, the short film is definitely a treat for all the Barun Sobti fans as the he strips and shows off his body while Kritika Kamra looks pretty with minimal make-up.

The film starts with Kritika, shouting at her younger brother on wasting water. Barun, witnesses her yelling at a small kid and ponders over it.

Barun is then seen entering his apartment and going on the bathroom to freshen up and turning the tap on and then carelessly moving around his place keeping it open.

Kritika rings the doorbell and asks for a glass of water for little brother. To his surprise, Barun’s flat is devoid of a single drop of water. Check out the video to find out what happens next?

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