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Behad Written Episode 03 January 2017, Beyhadh Written Update

Sony TV Behad Written Update 03rd January 2017 WU Beyhad Written Episode

Beyhadh serial episode (03.01.2017) starts with Arjun sails boat back to shore while Maya rests on his lap. Arjun thinks to gain something, one has to row something, he will even if he has to row the boat. Saachi while rushing towards airport with Prem calls Arjun’s number, but it is not reachable. Riya calls Saanjh and informs that she got a call form Mauritius and Arjun is safe now. She thanks Riya and tells Prem that Arun is safe. Prem says he head it and asks her to go and get back Arjun and this is her last chance. Saanjh asks not to inform Ayan and Vandana as she wants to give surprise to Arjun. Saanjh smiles excitedly.

Maya wakes up and reminisces Arjun bringing her to her room and Arjun’s dialogues, pampering her, lifting her till room and make her sleep on bed. She then reads Arjun’s bouquet and note
that she should not let time flow and should come to beach soon, etc.. She jumps in happiness and looks at herself in a mirror.

Saanjh reaches Mauritius and excitedly thinking of surprising Arjun. She thinks she has to do ISD for the first time for Arjun. She calls Arjun. Arjun starts speaking and does not let her speak at all. He says after coming here, he realized his love was very near to him, hope he had realized earlier. Phone disconnects due to connectivity failure. Saanjh thinks Arjun gave her a surprise instead. She reaches hotel and reminisces Prem giving her a ring and tells Suman had ordered it for her son and now Arjun will be their another son, Saanjh should bring their son back.

Maya is seen walking in hotel searching Arjun. She clashes with a waiter and drops flower bouquet and note. Saanjh tries to enter hotel, but guard stops her and says she cannot enter without booking. Saanjh says her friend Arjun is staying here. Guard takes her to reception and says receptionist will help her. He goes out and finds Arjun’s bouquet and note on floor and gives it to Saanjh. Saanjh gets very happy thinking it is for her and rushes towards beach.

Maya goes to beach and reads Arjun’s note on sand with flower and balloon around. A man from balloon decorated boat calls her and tells this boat is for her. She gets into boat and leaves enjoying cool breeze. Balloon flies from her hand to shore. Saanjh holds it and thinks Arjun is surprising her a lot today, earlier flowers, notes and now balloon. She reads Arjun’s note on sand and thinks arun is right, their feeling is from childhood. She then finds a boat and thinks duffer did not hire a driver for her and left a boat, not to worry she will row boat till destiny. She starts rowing. Maya sees another decorated boat in the middle of sea and gets on it happily. Saanjh rows boat singing Tere pyar me kya kya sitam chalaye, chappu chalaye, chappu chalaye. Maya finds a bottle with a note inside, reads it and smiles.

Saanjh ges tired rowing boat, but looks at her locket and thiks if she tries, she will not lose. Maya finds an oxygen mask onn boat and gets into water. She excitedly looks at fishes in water. Saanjh sees decorated boat and gets excited that duffer has made her Saanjh from Dusky…shouts Duffer, she has arrived.. She gets on boat and looking at decoration thinks duffer’s treasure hunt is awsome, where is next clue. She findsd bottle with a note and thinks where did Arjun hid his romantic side, thinks how will she enter sea.

Maya searches Arjun. Arjun comes from behind wearing oxygen mask and holds her hands. Saanjh thinks Arjun told trust is first condition of love and she will do anything for duffer. she steps on water and retracts back feeling cold water. She prays god to handle everything and gets into water. She sees Arjun and then Maya near him and feels shattered seeing Arjun holding Maya’s had and giving her a diamond rig. She is shocked and gets on shore and then goes back into water and sees again Maya holding diamond ring and Arjun dorning it inn Maya’s finger kneeling down and making heart shape from his hand.


Maya tells Arjun that their destiny is same. She sees Saanjh and fumes in jealousy.



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