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Bepanah 19 September 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Colors serial Bepanah 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Bepannaah Written Update

Today’s (19.09.2018) Bepanah (Bepannaah) episode starts with Aditya kidnaps Zoya. Zoya requsts him to let her go, he says you are doing mistake, first marrying wrong person like Yash and now Arshad. She says you are crossing limits, he says i will not let you ruin your life, she forcefully stops the car by pulling handbrake. Car meets with accident.

Zoya’s mum find out Zoya is not in her room and is worried what if Wasim finds out. Wasim asks for Zoya, Zoya’s mum says she is sleeping, she stops him from going into Zoya’s room.

Zoya and Aditya are safe, Aditya yells at her, what if they would have died, Zoya says it would be good, Aditya is hurt that Zoya thinks that instead of being with him, Zoya prefers to die, he says i misunderstood that you love me, everyone was right. He is in tears, he says i don’t want to force anything on you, i want to see you happy, but promise me you will be happy.

Zoya’s mum reaches the place and slaps Aditya and says why how can you take so many days to find out that Zoya loves Arshad and not you, my daughter is always with you, but today after kidnaping Zoya, i am wrong, why didn’t you think of her image and her family’s image, she says i am her mother, i should have realised that not you but Arshad is right choice for Zoya, she take sZoya back home. 

Aditya comes back home and thinks how will i live my life without you. Arjun asks Aditya what happened, Aditya says Zoya is happy, what else i want, arjun asks, what about you, what do you want, Aditya says, now it does not matter. Arjun hopes that aditya is well after all of this chaos. Aditya’s father meets Arjun. He asks what is going on between Zoya and Aditya, Arjun says Zoya cannot see her love for Aditya as she is scared to fall in love again, thats why she is taking easy way out with this marriage, but she does not get it that Aditya will always remain in her heart.

Next morning, Arjun comes to Aditya’s room and sees Aditya is making Haldi ready for Zoya’s Haldi ceremony. Arjun asks why are you doing this, he says at least one thing i can do properly. Aditya’s ring falls in the haldi, he is unaware, he gives Arjun Haldi to take it for Zoya.

Arjun tries to convince Noor to make Zoya realize that she is doing wrong, Wasim hears him and warns him. 

Aditya decides to go out of town to avoid Zoya’s wedding, his father says i will go and talk to Zoya’s father, Adita says, now what will happen it will be as her destiny. 


Aditya applies Haldi to Zoya as Kal Ho Na Hao song plays in the background. 

Bepanah Spoilers: Zoya confesses love for Aditya just before Nikaah

Bepanah upcoming story: Arshad NOT to marry Zoya seeing her love for Aditya



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