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Bepanah 26 November 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Colors Bepanah 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Bepannaah Written Update

Today’s (26.11.2018) Bepanah (Bepannaah) episode starts with Aditya yells at the doctor that if anything happens to my mother, i will lock down this hospital as i am owner of biggest law firm of this city and then i will set it on fire, i have no one other than my family, Doctor tells him to calm down, Aditya says go and find my mum at any cost.

Zoya overhear nurses talking about the patient on wheelchair going missing from the hospital.

Anjana is in the wheelchair in middle of the road and calls out for Harsh, nurse informs Aditya, he rushes towards his mum, a truck is approaching Anjana, Zoya saves Anjana just in time, Anjana is shocked to see Zoya, the nurses tell Anjana lets go inside, Anjana requests Zoya to take her along, she doesnot want to go with the nurse, Aditya comes there calling out for his mother, Zoya leaves Anajna, Aditya is releved to see Anjana fine, Anjana tells him why did you leave him, he promises to be with her from now, Zoya joins as intern nurse in the hospital, he dupatta falls over Aditya, he turns back as Zoya leaves, Anjana tells Aditya a nice girl save her and she felt that she knows her, aditya asks nurse to find out the girl who saved Anjana.

Wasim wishes that Noor and Zoya never have to face Aditya and Arjun again, falshback is shown as Zoya comes crying to her father. He says we will leave Mumbai tomorrow itself, Zoya is seen depressed as she recollects Aditya word that how she has betrayed him. Zara’s mum thinks Zoya that you have not told him yet what went wrong between you and Aditya, you are trying to be strong, but i know you have not forgotten Aditya and may he too hasn’t, i wish i knew what went wrong.

Anjana is sleeping, Aditya tells i will not leave hyou mum, doc tells Aditya to leave and they will find a good nurse for his mum, he says i will not leave, where my mum is, thats’ my home, i will stay here only.

Aditya is lying down in the corridor of the hospital on a bench, he puts Zoya’s dupatta over him, he goes to sleep, Zoya passes by him, she stops to see a man with her dupatta, she slowly takes the dupatta and leaves, aditya gets up to see who it was, he sees a cup of coffee (that zoya was having) and wonders.

Next day, Noor is seen at her new job with an NGO, the boss calls Arjun Hooda as the special guest, Noor is shocked to hear his name, he is shocked to see Noor too.

Mili waits for Aditya as there is imprtant client meeting, a employee comments on him, she says you people are heartless, his mum is hospitalised, a girl says why are so worrying so much about Adi’s mum, Mili warns her to stop saying crap and tells her to do her work. Mili looks at Aditya’s pic and says they people are fool to understand love, but you too have not realised my love, i know you are a soft person with heart behind your angry young man avatar. She kisses his pic. The doctor assures to keep a very good nurse for Anjana, Aditya apologizes to overreact as he is worried about his mum.

Aditya leaves in his car, a nurse informs Aditya that she has found out about the girl who had saved his mum, she is new joinee as physiotherapist, he says lets meet her, she says her shift has ended as she was doing night shift, he gives his card to nurse and tells to give it to the girl and tell her i want to meet her. Mili informs Aditya about client meeting, he tells her to handle it as his mum is more important. Aditya gets reflection on his face as he drives, he stops the car, he looks in his rear view mirror and sees a lady and thinks its Zoya. Zoya gets into the rickshaw as he comes out of his car, Aditya chases her rick. Mili waits for Aditya to come to hospital. Aditya is chasing Zoya’s auto as he recollects his old memories and her betrayal and how she ended her ties with him, he drives rashly. He bumps into another car and misses Zoya. he gets into an argument with the other car fellow as the guy comments on his wife (teri car ko touch kar raha hoon kya). Police arrive at the spot as aditya beats up the guy. Cops stop Aditya and arrest him. Aditya sees Zoya’s auto, he sees her dupatta but not her.

Bepanah 27th November 2018 PRECAP

Doctor informs Aditya that he have hired a new intern for you mum and she has bonded well with your mum, he ass who is she, Aditya goes to the room to see the physiotherapist, Zoya is giving injection to Anajna while Aditya enters the room.

Bepanah upcoming twists: Zoya turns nurse for Anjana, Aditya-Zoya to reunite



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